The leader in public investments was the capital of Ankara

The leader in public investments was the capital of Ankara
CHP, 81 province paid the tax and public investment rates. Ankara was the leader of the Ankara Metro, which could not be completed by the municipality in public investments due to the construction of the Ministry of Transportation, while the capital was followed by Istanbul, Artvin, Diyarbakir and Mardin.
Alaattin Yüksel, CHP İzmir Deputy and PM member, has drawn up the table of tax rates and public investments. CHP related to İzmir, which is one of the provinces where the CHP is the strongest in the local elections, but where the AKP will make great efforts, plans to shoot the voters through “public investments”. In the report, which will also be discussed in the CHP PM, “İzmir is given 1 and 46 is received. The collected tax is 32 billion TL, and the public investment is 704 million. This table is a concrete indicator of the view of Izmir. The AKP government will definitely pay the invoice of injustice to İzmir. People who remember İzmir in taxation, privatization and forget about investment will not forget the people ”. The report, prepared by CHP's Yüksel, included the following findings:
Izmir is Turkey's 4rd largest city with a population of 3 million. In the taxes he paid, 32.8 billion TL is in the 123rd place after Istanbul (36 billion) and Kocaeli (3 billion). İzmir ranks second with 88 percent in tax collection performance. In public investments, Ankara ranks first with 2 billion TL and Istanbul is second with 3.5 billion TL. These provinces are followed by Artvin with 2.5 million, Diyarbakır with 849 million, Mardin with 798 million and İzmir with 721 million.
Despite the 704 million public investment, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality made more investments than the public with 923 million. The AKP government gives İzmir 1 and receives 46. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is the only municipality that does not owe even 1 TL to the treasury. Public investment per capita in İzmir is 176 TL. The average 406 per Turkey. İzmir ranks 73rd in the list of public investments per capita. Artvin, Mardin and Sinop rank first in public investment per capita.
22 kilometers in Istanbul Kadıköy3.1 billion lira was spent for Kartal metro, including wagons. The metro center in Ankara was covered by the government budget. İzmir has a more limited budget than Istanbul and Ankara. On the other hand, 350 million Turkish lira has been spent on the metro so far. İzmir covers all these costs from its own budget.


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