Serkan İNCEOĞLU: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Bursa Chamber of Public Bus Service sat on the table yesterday

We have been writing the controversy and even tension in the public transportation of Bursa, which is the main public service, for several weeks.
In our yesterday's article, we addressed the Bursa Chamber of Public Bus Service. We emphasized the need for self-criticism by drawing attention to some important, fixed and sustained negativities during the service.
The Metropolitan Municipality took a step yesterday and invited to the Bursa Chamber of Public Bus Service.
It was a mixed meeting!
Metropolitan Municipality Büyük
Advisor to the President Fahreddin Yildirim, Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Altin, Legal Counsel Semra Yalcin Yilmaz, the President's close colleague and General Manager of BESAS Mustafa Bektaş said,
Public transportation coach otobüs
Ramazan Çalan, President of the Chamber of Private Public Bus Service, Ramazan Umur, President of BURUTAŞ and Vice President of Bursa Chamber of Private Bus Companies, and Nilüfer Taşan amaz
During the evening, which lasted around 2 hours, a written proposal was submitted to the Metropolitan Municipality by 5 and an environment was created for the negotiations.
Sharing information on travel, revenues and deductions for private public buses on the basis of the stakeholder of public service Kam
The work of independent auditors to be determined by the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality or Bursa Chamber of Private Public Bus Service and BURUTAŞ, but the expenses will be met by the Metropolitan Municipality işletme
Taking into account the tendency of public transportation to rail system, 3 traded with plate i S e in response to the alleged enterprise grievance.
16-17 thousand TL in the provisioning of the proposed monthly 11-12 thousand TL fuel expenses, 2 driver operation, KASKO and depreciation, while the plate and buses renting 5'er thousand TL ülen
In return for the purchase of buses, the owners of the enterprises can work in return for wages Otobüs
Some of the proposals we announced some of these columns some time ago, were developed with different suggestions, persuasive monthly fixed income, plate swap or lease formulas were re-introduced.
The metropolitan municipality hopes to be able to evaluate its proposals and get a positive response.
By the way…
The Bursa Chamber of Private Public Busers, who was eager for some of the existing lines of the Metropolitan Municipality and new lines to be formed, made a surprise request.
The construction and operation of the tram line desi T 1 ı, which was planned and planned as Atatürk Street - İnönü Caddesi- Kent Meydanı - Darmstadt Street - Altıparmak Avenue, was requested in the city center.
Ramazan Umur, who is noted for carrying out the process management on behalf of tradesmen with the position of ı Vice President of Bursa Chamber of Private Bus Coaches una and announced to the public, announced that it has not yet reached an agreement.
Umur expressed that they are satisfied with the progress and steps taken by the Metropolitan Municipality for the solution of the solution, and says that they did not find other proposals acceptable or acceptable, except for the independent audit mechanism.
Umur said, person We do not want to lose our license plate, rent our vehicles or become a staff member of the municipality. From January 20 continues to think about our own system. X
Iz We are not in and out of the law, “says Recep Altepe, the Mayor of Istanbul.

Source: Serkan İnceoğlu

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