Beykoz Logistics Vocational School has started Laboratory Practices with the slogan ”I learn by doing Bey

Beykoz Logistics Vocational School of Higher Education (BLMYO) continues its studies to improve the quality of education. BLMYO believes that vocational education cannot be practiced only on the basis of theoretical knowledge and that there must also be practice.
From the perspective of Senge, the learning labs, which are defined as elements that enable participants to learn together by using structured microcosms of real life, are environments in which meaningful business cases are integrated into meaningful interpersonal dynamics. With this approach, the students of the Logistics Program of the Beykoz Logistics Vocational School Dr. Okan Tuna and Inst. See. They started the “Supply Chain Laboratory un under the coordination of Burak Çakaloz.
Supply Chain Management Simulation
Customer-oriented strategies to improve customer satisfaction by integrating material, information and money flow in the right place, at the right time, at the right place, at the right price, at the lowest possible cost for the entire supply chain, by integrating the basic business processes within the chain. and Supply Chain Management, which is defined as the creation of business models, was applied to more students than 200 with the scenarios prepared in the Logistics Laboratory. The students who were provided with near-realistic logistic models were asked to produce a solution against the problems that might occur during the operations and without halting the supply chain flow.
In the laboratory environment, students are trying to respond to the orders given by the customer by applying the supply chain system and logistic models in the application where they are divided into groups such as Supplier, Manufacturer, Wholesaler, and Retailer. 2 2 is a group of suppliers, where the raw material is processed and processed by the manufacturer and delivered to the wholesaler. 2, the customer of the wholesaler, tries to deliver the product to the last consumer after the product is delivered to the customer. Dr. Okan Tuna and Inst. See. With Burak Çakaloz's crisis scenarios, their work is made difficult.
Professor Dr. Okan Tuna: Uygulama I learn by doing Te We combine theory with practice ile
During the study, the students perform various actions such as ordering, bidding, and making offers while they conceptualize the theories of cooperation between the members of the chain, the sharing of information sharing theories. In the supply chain management process, they see the importance of sharing information and communication between institutions and units. With this app, students are getting concrete experiences. For example, they see and plan what kind of decision they should make when they are out of stock. We want our students to demonstrate their results in the discussion sections we conduct after the implementation. We ensure that they see the correct moves and the faulty decisions taken. Or I learn by doing in laboratory studies help the student to consolidate the theoretical knowledge that he / she has taken with the application and also involve entertaining learning.
Students combined theory with practice Öğ
After the application, students from BLMYO Foreign Trade Program 1. Seçkin Sağlam, a class student, said that the theoretical knowledge and practice are not the same:
Yönetim I understood that Supply Chain Management was not as easy as seen on the book, but with the progress of the scenario applied in this study. You are experiencing crises and need to produce solutions. You can clearly see the importance of planning and information flow in communication on the chain. Plan
Foreign Trade Program 1. Emine Uzun, a class student, said she enjoyed the simulation very much:
Olma I have seen how important it is to pay attention to issues such as long-term order evaluations, ordering, inventory management and demand forecasting, and we have actively produced solutions during the simulation. It was a great pleasure to see the changes in the position of our company in line with the decisions we made during the application. This work really was a great experience for me Supply Chain Management. Gerçekten

Source: BLMYO

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