CHP Bursa deputy Sena Kaleli Bursa wagon dump?

CHP Bursa deputy Sena Kaleli Bursa wagon dump?
CHP Bursa deputy Sena Kaleli, 6 Million TL by the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa, Rotterdam, the Netherlands announced that the annual 30 annual scrap wagons carried to the agenda of the Assembly.
Kaleli stated that they experienced frustration with the fact that scrap wagons, which are frequently discussed in Bursa, will be added to Bursaray metro line, and that the modern and modern city will be used by the wagons pulled from the use of Europe in Bursa.
Kaleli gave the following statements in his motion statement:
The decision to buy additional vehicles for the Bursaray metro project, which was started to be constructed with the claim of creating a solution to the public transportation problem of Bursa, has caused the Metropolitan Municipality's decision to purchase the wrecked 30 cars over the years.
After the use of the Dutch city of Rotterdam in the subway, the 30 will be paid for the yearly 6 million wagons. The Bursa Metropolitan Municipality tries to create a perception of savings by comparing this amount with the new wagon prices. On the other hand, the previously purchased vehicles are two different brands and due to the differences, there will be separate operation, spare parts, service and maintenance difficulties for each brand; .
In this context;
1- Due to the weakness of planning, you will have a big cost for both the economy of Bursa and the economy of the country.
2- Is there a share in your Ministry for the 30 annual second hand wagons decided to be taken by the Metropolitan Municipality for the Bursa Light Rail System? The decision and authority in such purchases is entirely owned by the Metropolitan Municipalities?
3- In accordance with the laws applied in our country, while 30 annual cars and 25 yearly vehicles are counted as scrap and trying to withdraw from the traffic, the fact that Europe's wagons will be used in transportation is not a risk for human life and contradiction in terms of legislation?
4- What is the difference between the price of a new wagon of the same type previously purchased for a second-hand wagon from Rotterdam? How much would be the total cost if the same number of new wagons were bought?
5- How long is the service life of second hand 30 wagons decided to be purchased? In an accident caused by these wagons, will the responsibility belong to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality? As the Ministry, will you assume a responsibility in this regard?
6- Is the importation of 30 annual wagons or used vehicles decided to be taken from Rotterdam in terms of Foreign Trade and Customs legislation?
7- Do you think that with the second hand wagons, Bursa will be transformed into kesil scrap wagon dump ”and that ayrıca Domestic Production ithal will be cut in front of import purchases and will create a negative example?
Does 8-BURULAŞ buy a second-hand wagon without a tender that is compatible with transparency and accountability?
9- Is there any logical explanation for not taking into account the views of the city's stakeholders and professional chambers as well as your ministry in such major projects on transportation? What is the approach of your ministry to Bursaray metro, which assumes full responsibility for Istanbul and Ankara subways?
10- Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is a contradiction when it wants to give the vehicles that make urban passenger transportation to the old, neglected tires, because they are worn out and they want to give vertical transportation to BURULAŞ, which is authorized by transportation, and to provide transportation services by importing non-operational wagons.

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