MHP Bursa deputy asked, Burulaş why does not fly

MHP Bursa deputy asked why Burulaş does not fly: Dr. MHP Bursa Deputy, who brought the seaplane flights stopped by Burulaş, the company of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, to the agenda of the parliament. Kadir Koçdemir, "Why are the flights not arranged?" she asked. Saying “How much money has been invested in air transportation so far”, Koçdemir asked for an answer for the allegations that Burulaş owes a large amount of debt to the aviation company from which it receives service.
Burulaş, one of the affiliate companies of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which is frequently brought to the agenda with complaints, especially the rail system, this time has been brought to the agenda of the parliament due to the interrupted seaplane flights for a while. On the subject, MHP Bursa Deputy Dr. Kadir Koçdemir reminded that seaplane flights from Bandırma and Gemlik to the Istanbul Golden Horn have not been made for a while. “The reason for the cancellations was reflected in the press because Burulaş did not pay its debt to Bon Air, from which it served,” said Koçdemir, and mentioned the allegations that an irregularity was detected in the platform built for the landing of the seaplane in Bandırma. Koçdemir asked the following questions to Interior Minister Ala:
Why was the seaplane flights between Burulaş's Bandırma and Haliç canceled? "Technical reasons" are cited as the reason for seaplane flights from Gemlik. What are these technical reasons? What is the amount of investment made by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality for air transportation projects so far? Are the allegations in the press that Burulaş owes a large amount of debt to the company named Bon Air, from which it serves, if it is true, what is the amount of debt? Are the claims that the platform used by Burulaş for the seaplane landing in Bandırma was added 40 meters beyond the current plan true?

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