What is Başkentray Project?

baskentray ozgunes stop not available for months
baskentray ozgunes stop not available for months

With the Başkentray project, the Ankara-Sincan suburban line will reach the metro standard. As a result of the works to be carried out on the existing railway line in order to relieve the capital's railway and road traffic, the suburban line will be brought to the metro standard, and all level crossings will be removed by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality by constructing railway under and over crossings and bridges. The capital's rail and road traffic will be relieved after the completion of the Başkentray project.

When the capital is over, the capital of Ankara, as before, 15 per minute, half an hour, not even hourly hours per hour, not a train every 2.5 minutes will be lifted and 200 thousand people per day will be moved.

With the Başkentray Project, the level crossings between Kayaş-Ankara-Sincan, which are one of the biggest invitations of traffic accidents, especially at the farm junction, will be history, and enough underpasses and overpasses will be built in the Başkentray Project to ease the road vehicle traffic.

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