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📩 28/02/2023 00:56

Flowers have always been a form of unrequited expression of love. For this reason, it is used in all areas of life and sometimes it can be used as a gift, sometimes as a greeting or an apology. The important thing is to make the other party experience that intensity of emotion in every flower purchased.

Sending the flower alone to the other side cannot have any effect on him. If you want to realize this, perhaps with a small note or a gift, you can make the flower feel special only for your feelings. There is a flower presentation suitable for almost everyone, depending on your interests and the way you express your love, at the alsancak flower order sales center.

Alsancak Flower Preferences and Presentation Forms

Daisies take the first place in Bornova flower order preferences. Daisies represent both innocence and pure love with the meaning they carry mostly among the younger generation. Daisies are prepared in plain and large bouquets and are prepared for presentation with tiny ladybugs on them. In addition, the number of pieces is very important in the preparation of indispensable roses.

While single roses mean that the message given to the lover is the only loved one in life, even roses can cause a little confusion in this business. Bouquets of roses are adorned with more green leaves and white buds, presented with a sentimental note on top. Orchids are noble flowers, they are more preferred in congratulations. While they are prepared as a long bouquet, they also impress with their leaves.

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