2013 will be Year of Transportation in Bursa (Special Report)

bursaray bursa
bursaray bursa

2013 will be the year of transportation in Bursa: The giant projects of the Metropolitan Municipality will be opened one by one in the year.

Bursa Turkey's shining star was clearly xnumx'y stamp with investments spent Metropolitan Municipality's life. Bursa, stadium, BursaRay Kestel stage, T2012 tram line, ropeway, Science and Technology Center, the new building of Metropolitan Municipality, Hüdavendigar City Park, sports facilities, historical, social and cultural restoration projects to be completed in 1 by the Metropolitan Municipality and will add value to Bursa. In 2013 in Bursa, which has recently set a record of investment, 2012 has invested a total of 616 thousand TL by the Metropolitan Municipality.

Investments will be collected at 2013

To make Bursa a modern world city, the Metropolitan Municipality will continue its investments in 2013. Metropolitan Municipality, BursaRay and tram with the construction of neighborhood parks, cultural services, the historical heritage from projects to sports, infrastructure and drinking water investments in every area of ​​approximately 1 billion worth of investment in Bursa aims to bring.
Mayor Recep Altepe, who congratulated all the residents of the New Year, said that they will serve the Bursali in the same excitement at 2013. Reminding that the works that add value to Bursa so far have been carried out and that N With the understanding of participatory management, we are realizing our investments towards the needs of our city in accordance with the demands of the citizens,, said President Altepe.

Accessible Bursa

President Altepe, 'accessible city' in Bursa with the target of this period, the budget of the transfer of close to the 70'ye transfer said. In the BursaRay Görükle Line, the President Altepe reminded that although the tender was made in the previous period, they managed to change the project and added: li With this amendment, we have brought the Labor line to Bursa in addition to the Görükle line. "Road is a civilization," according to the principle of expanding to this day and the new road length reached the 372 kilometers, "he said.

Altim, who aims to implement the 5 km rail system line in 26,5, which produces solutions with urban rail traffic and alternative road projects, said ın We wanted to establish a healthy and modern transportation system and bring it to Bursa in modern European countries. In this respect, we want to equip the city with iron nets. Every moment of life has value. When our rail system projects, which are fast and practical transportation system, are completed, Bursa will add value to its value Hızlı.

The BursaRay Labor Line was included in the system with the 2,5 kilometer route with the savings provided from the Görük line, as well as the application that allows the seamless access of the Bursalıları from the Arabayatağı to Uludağ University. BursaRay Labor Line, which includes Bursa Junction and BursaRay station and Bursa's biggest junction, Emek Junction, has been on Mudanya Road.

Kestel Gürsu stage does not slow down work
The work of BursaRay Gürsu - Kestel line, which will extend the light rail system to the east of Bursa, continues rapidly. The works in the 7 kilometer Kestel stage, which consists of 8 station named Mimar Sinan - Orhangazi University, Hacivat, Şirinevler, Otosansit, Değirmenönü - Cumalıkızık, Gürsu and Kestel continues.

Within the scope of the project, the renovation works of Hacivat, Balıklı and Deliçay bridges continue. When the studies are completed, the region; 3 lane highway bridges in the north and south 2 lane light rail bridges in the middle.

Ankara Road, metro, bridges and asphalt works indicating that the end of the President Altepe, transportation to the month until the 1 will relax, in the summer of BursaRay Kestel expeditions will begin.

Modern transportation to the city center
Sculpture - Garage (T1) tram line also known as the work began in the ring ring line. The line on which 6,5 stop will be located on the 13 km-long route will take the tram to the center of Bursa. Following the work carried out in the stadium, İnönü and Altıparmak streets, it is aimed to complete the inner ring ring line of 10, which includes the stadium Caddesi-Altıparmak Street-Atatürk Caddesi-Heykel-Inonu Caddesi-Kibris Sehitleri Street-Kent Square-Darmstad Street. Aiming to reach the tram line to every corner of the city, the Metropolitan Municipality will add more lines to the city ring line in the future. In this way, Pınarbaşı İpekçilik, Yıldırım, Terminal, Nilüfer, Çekirge, Beşevler and Küçükbalıklı lines will be able to reach the city center by tram. In Bursa, the city center will make the city center more attractive as it will prevent air pollution and noise pollution caused by vehicle density and exhaust fumes in the city center.

Convenient access to the Hotel Zone with the new cable car
Metropolitan Municipality, Bursa's favorite tourism center, Uludag facilitates access to comfort while leaving the hand. The construction of the new ropeway, which is the longest cable car in the world, has accelerated with the 22 kilometer, which will reach 8,84 in the Hotel Zone from Teferrüç station in Bursa. In the new system where the current passenger capacity will be increased to 12 level, with the 8 gondola-type cabin with the capacity of 175, the waiting position will be prevented.

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