electrical products
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Electrical Products Are Coming to You!

Electrical products are the name given to all the materials that enable electric vehicles to work and use. It is now used in every part of our lives at home, in the workplace, on the street, in all electronic vehicles. Thanks to an external connection point, the electricity [more…]

Denizli student card visa period has started
20 Denizli

Denizli Student Card Visa Period Has Started

Visa period has started for the "Denizli Student Card" offered by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality for urban bus transportation. It has been announced that cardholder students must complete their visa procedures until October 1, 2021. Denizli Metropolitan [more…]

high flow oxygen therapy saves lives

High Flow Oxygen Therapy Saves Lives

In the webinar organized by the Turkish Society of Anesthesiology and Reanimation (TARD) and Dräger Turkey, the positive effect of High Flow Oxygen Therapy on Covid-19 patients in the intensive care process was discussed. The pandemic process and the virus in the process [more…]

back to school advice for families

Back to School Advice for Families

The pandemic process, which affects the whole world, continues to affect the education process of children and young people. Especially with the announcement that schools will open after a long holiday period, the adaptation process awaits students. [more…]

don't have a hair transplant nightmare

Don't Have a Hair Transplantation Nightmare

Hair Transplant Coordinator Engin Sönmez gave information about the subject. Hairesthetic Turkey Hair transplant coordinator Engin Sönmez, who underlined that hair transplantation operations should be performed by experienced people, made mistakes in hair transplantation. [more…]

attention to uterine fibroids problem in women

Attention to Myoma Problem in Women!

Gynecology and Obstetrics, Gynecological Cancer Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Mert Göl gave information about the subject. Fibroids that begin to shrink after menopause are common in adult women between the ages of 30 and 40. [more…]

do collagen pills really work

Do Collagen Pills Really Work?

Dr.Yüksel Büküşoğlu: “Oral collagen supplements cannot be used as 'collagen' as they are first taken into the body after passing through the digestive system.” he said. Collagen is the most abundant in the body and gives the skin vitality, youth, vitality, [more…]