Denizli Student Card Visa Period Has Started

Denizli student card visa period has started
Denizli student card visa period has started

Visa period has started for the "Denizli Student Card" offered by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality for urban bus transportation. It has been announced that cardholder students must complete their visa procedures until October 1, 2021.

Visa period has started for Denizli Student Cards, which Denizli Metropolitan Municipality offers for city bus transportation. Due to the 2021-2022 academic year, it has been announced that the visa of Denizli Student Cards must be made absolutely, and the cards without a visa cannot be used. In this context, it was stated that the last visa date for Denizli Student Cards, whose visa process has begun, is October 1, 2021. It was noted that Denizli Student Cards without a visa will be invalid after October 2, 2021.

Required documents for visa procedures

The documents required for visa procedures were explained as follows: “Student certificate for the 2021-2022 academic year (Student certificate obtained from the E-Government and student ID card with banderol for the 2021-2022 academic year replaces the student certificate.) Last 6 months 1 passport size photograph taken inside.

NOTE: It is sufficient for students whose birth date is 2005 and above to bring their identity cards and 1 passport photo.

Denizli Student Card

Students registered with Denizli Student Card, formal and private formal education institutions, university students, graduate students (including course stage, thesis stage), graduate and doctoral students, vocational education directorates (apprenticeship education), open education faculty students ( 2-year students benefit from 4 years, 4-years 7 years student rights.), vocational open education high school students, military high school students, police vocational high school students can benefit. In addition, it was stated that open education high school and open primary education students can benefit from student rights with a document showing that they are not registered with SGK.

Those who cannot benefit from Denizli Student Card

Students who have completed their 13th term in open high school and open primary schools, and those who have completed their education in open education faculties and universities' 2-year departments, those who have completed their education in 4-year, 4-year departments of Denizli Student Card, exceed 7 years, and students who have had their registration canceled cannot benefit from the rights. It was stated that Tömer students, course students, private course students, language education and application center students, and those studying at the university as special students will not be able to benefit.

Where is the visa procedure?

Visa procedures of citizens belong to Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc.; Governorate Card Refill Center, Bayramyeri Square Card Refill Center, Bus Station Card Refill Center, located opposite the old Special Administration Building,

Pamukkale University Hospital Card Refill Center (oncology entrance side) and Airport Card Refill Center (next to the Central Indoor Sports Hall).

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