Back to School Advice for Families

back to school advice for families
back to school advice for families

📩 02/09/2021 14:13

The pandemic process, which affects the whole world, continues to affect the education process of children and young people. Especially with the announcement that schools will open after a long holiday period, the adaptation process awaits students. In this process, protecting the psychology and health of their children is among the priorities of the families. Serving its customers with a deep-rooted history of more than 150 years, Generali Sigorta shared suggestions that will facilitate students' schooling.

The coronavirus is still with us

It should not be forgotten that the attitudes of parents on issues such as masks, hygiene and social distance are guiding for children. Children should be reminded that the pandemic process continues and the coronavirus is still with us, and it should be frequently emphasized that they should be careful about masks, hygiene and social distance, as well as follow the rules set by the school regarding the pandemic.

Beware of information pollution

False information circulating on the internet or expressed in the social environment directly affects the psychology of students. Families should only take into account the statements made by the authorities and school administrations, enlighten their children in line with this information, and advise them to consult any issue they are wondering about.

Edit sleep times

Sleep is of great importance for all students, both for their physical and mental development, and for them not to have difficulty in catching up to school in the morning. Irregularity in sleeping hours with a long holiday and summer period is one of the most difficult issues for families. It is possible for families to overcome this problem easily, especially in the first months of school, with the discipline of sleep hours.

Be the decision maker about the digital world

Digital addiction is one of the problems that are more frequently mentioned with the pandemic and affect the daily routines of students. In order to prevent this situation and to ensure the adaptation of children to school, the attitudes of both parents are of great importance. The fact that parents do not leave the will to their children about the time to be spent in the digital world and they are the primary decision makers in this regard facilitates the adaptation of students to school.

Maximum communication

The back-to-school period brings many innovations and new beginnings for every student. In addition, returning to school is not an easy process for children who have been studying distance education for a long time. In such periods, communication between the child and the parent is of great importance. Parents should be in more intensive contact with their children, especially in the first weeks of school, and should make them feel that they are with them during the adaptation process to school. In addition, it is highly recommended that they be in dialogue with their teachers as much as possible and exchange information with each other. This maximum communication period will make it easier for children to regain their lost habits and to adapt to school.

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