Ahead of the Age Award-Winning Robot Designs

outdated award-winning robot designs
outdated award-winning robot designs

Robots continue to fascinate many people. Designers are pushing the boundaries of technology every year, developing something that executes commands, moves, and even thinks for itself.

Robots introduced in Hollywood movies such as Terminator, Star Wars and The Matrix inspire design enthusiasts. Together with industrial designers, engineers and scientists, these technological designs are being revived with robotic codes today.

The product and concept projects of the participants who applied for the iF DESIGN AWARD in 2021 created an inspiring bridge between fantasy and reality. It has been reported that robots for personal use, in particular, have made a remarkable rise according to the statistics of the past years.

The designs, whose success was approved with the iF DESIGN AWARD in 2021, include innovative robotic designs from many different countries, from vacuum cleaners to safety dogs and wearable technologies for physical exercise.

Some of the designs that won the IF DESIGN AWARD 2021 award:

Code Generator: Delu Dynamics Technology Co., Ltd., Chengdu, China

KODA is a robot dog based on artificial intelligence machine learning. It has four three-dimensional cameras and fourteen motors that give the dog motion characteristics. KODA can run, climb stairs and respond to and train with any environmental condition thanks to its advanced AI machine learning capability. KODA is designed to get smarter over time by sharing and optimizing data through a blockchain network. KODA's AI brain responds to voice commands and emotional state, whether sad, happy or excited. In terms of design, it strikes a good balance, inspired by a friendly Labrador and Doberman breed.

AI Washing Robot Manufacturer: Shenzhen Yimu Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

It is a smart washing machine based on AI control. In this design, sensors synchronize the data to the control center to calculate the appropriate washing program and distribute the detergent according to the fabric and degree of soiling. Smart washing machine; Equipped with fabric detection, stain detection and liquid analysis sensors.

BOCCO emo Manufacturer: Yukai Engineering Inc., Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

BOCCO emo is a robot that enables more effective communication within families. When the user sends a message via the designated application, the BOCCO emo notifies the family members at home by reading the message aloud. Users can also record and send messages using just the robot. BOCCO emo has voice recognition function and can be operated hands-free. Its built-in sensors allow it to accurately grasp environmental conditions and respond accordingly. BOCCO emo acts as a trusted family member with the ability to show a wide range of emotions and send weather, timing and disaster prevention notifications.

DEEBOT N9+ Manufacturer: ECOVACS ROBOTICS Co., Ltd., Suzhou, China

The N9+ is a smart, self-cleaning robot that is also a wet and dry vacuum cleaner that sweeps and mops. It has two counter-rotating brushes for a deeper clean and a built-in tank that automatically fills with water to ensure the mop is always wet, increasing cleaning efficiency. The N9+ base station self-cleans the mop with its high-speed rotating mop tray, creating a hands-free experience. The attached air dryer dries the mat automatically, which helps prevent the spread of bacteria and odors. Users can customize settings in the app such as area to be cleaned, frequency of cleaning, suction power and water volume.

Fit Boots Manufacturer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Corporate Design Center, Seoul, South Korea

Fit Bot is a wearable robot for active seniors. Fit Bot's superior design helps light muscle training for users through resistance and support while reducing the risk of injury. This wearable robot is designed to counter the disadvantage of traditional exercise methods for the general population, as strenuous exercise equipment and machines are not suitable for the elderly. The product aims to improve the health of the elderly in their daily lives, both indoors and outdoors, and assist movement in their daily activities.

BOBOT WIN3030 Manufacturer: Bobot Robotics Inc., Shenzhen, China

The BOBOT WIN 3030 robotic window cleaner addresses the shortcomings of traditional window cleaners that can be heavy and bulky. The mobile app and remote control are intuitive and enhance users' experience. Three cleaning modes, an edge detection mode and an extra long power cord will clean a variety of window sizes and shapes. Strong suction and string keep it attached to the window for safety.

BDR Handheld Washer XDJ X100 Manufacturer: Bright Dream Robotics, Foshan, China

The XDJ X100 is a handheld floor scrubber equipped with a micro water circulation system. After 60% of the waste water is treated, it recycles to the clean water tank. The water consumption is only a quarter of similar products, and the cleaning efficiency is more than doubled. The XDJ X100 has a self-cleaning mode for the brush and is equipped with a cleaning tool that can effectively remove foreign objects such as hair/adhesive attached to the scrub brush.

MIND KIT Manufacturer: Vincross Inc., Beijing, China

MIND KIT is a highly integrated, easy-to-use programmable robotics kit. It provides you with all the hardware and software to build your robots: plug-and-play modular design with multiple sensors, flexible motion controls, powerful processors, built-in batteries and the newly upgraded robotic operating system MIND OS 2.0. Whether you're a maker, developer, robotics enthusiast, or student in robotics development, MIND KIT is a great tool to help you learn and build your robots.

Goliath Producer from Springa: Springa SRL, Milan, Italy

Goliath CNC is the first portable and autonomous robotic tool to run large projects anywhere. It is a frameless CNC machine that makes it smaller than a desktop tool and is designed to perform small to very large constructions. The Goliath CNC is placed directly on the workpiece, in the field or off-site. It is equipped with a sensor system that triangulates the position of the machine on the workpiece. The user uploads the drawing to the Goliath CNC and monitors the progress of the job on a computer. The machine can cut a wide variety of materials, including wood, plastic sheets and thin layers of aluminum.


The iF DESIGN AWARD is organized annually by iF International Forum Design GmbH, the world's oldest independent design institution in Hannover, Germany. The new application period for iF DESIGN AWARD 15 ends on October 2021, 2022. Those who want to reward their design achievements are preparing to submit their applications online in product design, packaging design, communication and service design, architectural and interior design, UI / UX and professional concept categories.

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