Multi-rotor Kamikaze UAV from Aselsan and Rocketsan
06 Ankara

Multi-Rotor Kamikaze UAV from ASELSAN and ROKETSAN

In the 110th issue of ASELSAN Magazine; The statement regarding the kamikaze UAV studies carried out by ASELSAN and ROKETSAN drew attention. In the "Strike Multi-Rotor UAV System" project, which is stated to be developed by ASELSAN engineers, the user's target / coodinat information [more…]

perkotek parking barrier systems

Perkotek Parking Barrier Systems

What are the definition and qualifications of parking barriers? It allows us to systematically control the use of vehicles and to enter and exit. The parking barrier system is generally used in shopping malls, sites and apartments, event venues, [more…]

animal lovers will meet at pet izmir fair
35 Izmir

Animal Lovers Will Meet at PET İzmir Fair

There are only a few days left for the PET İZMİR 2021 5th International İzmir Pet Products, Materials and Accessories Suppliers Fair, where animal lovers show great interest. The place of 150 distinguished companies of Turkey in the pet sector [more…]

Things to know about jaw joint disease

Things to Know About Jaw Joint Discomfort

Jaw joint disorders, which are frequently seen in the society recently, are functional disorders of the chewing system and seriously affect the quality of life of patients. By limiting even daily routine activities such as yawning, talking and eating [more…]

sandbag test on antalya stage rail system line
07 Antalya

Sand Bag Test in Antalya 3rd Stage Rail System Line

Sandbag test drives started on the line between Atatürk-Museum and Varsak-Museum stops in the 3rd Stage Rail System Project, which Antalya Metropolitan Municipality completed the construction of the 3rd Stage Rail System, whose construction was completed by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]

be patient to adapt to face-to-face education

Be Patient to Adapt to Face-to-Face Education

Stating that with the start of face-to-face education, which was interrupted for a long time due to the pandemic, students may encounter motivation problems, experts recommend that children be given time and families be patient. According to experts, families, motivation [more…]

Industrial Water Treatment
Guest Post

Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial water treatment systems are used to treat factory water from wastewater. Based on this, it is produced specifically for the factory. Industrial water treatment devices have become more difficult to use and install. industrial water treatment [more…]

Proven ways to prevent Alzheimer's

Proven Ways to Prevent Alzheimer's

The biggest risk factor for Alzheimer's disease, which is a type of dementia that affects memory, thinking and behavior, is expressed as a person's age. With the prolongation of life expectancy, its incidence is increasing day by day. [more…]

northern forests has issued a threat destruction report
34 Istanbul

Northern Forests Published Threat Destruction Report

The Northern Forests Research Association has published the "Northern Forests Threat Destruction Report", which it has prepared with the aim of revealing the threats and destruction factors to the Northern Forests and the damages they cause to the forest ecosystem. In the report, "North [more…]