Does stress cause hair loss?

Does Stress Cause Hair Loss?

Dr. Levent Acar gave information about the subject. The causes of hair loss are generally due to seasonal changes, iron deficiency, excessively stressful work or stress, and hormone problems. [more…]

The pandemic and the cold hit the heart

Pandemic and Cold Hits the Heart

After a summer with extreme heat, the suddenly cold weather with autumn triggers heart diseases. In order to keep the body temperature falling in cold weather in balance, with the effect of stress hormones such as adrenaline, blood pressure decreases in heart rate. [more…]

fahrettin altay towards the end on the narlidere metro line
35 Izmir

Fahrettin Altay Narlıdere Metro Line Towards the End

Tunnel excavations in the construction of Narlıdere Metro, which will be one of the lifeblood of public transportation in İzmir, were completed this morning. The tunnel boring machine (TBM) was built between Fahrettin Altay and Narlıdere after a total excavation period of 14,5 kilometers. [more…]

Work continues at the togg gemlik facility
16 Bursa

Work Continues at TOGG Gemlik Facility

A post showing that the work continues at the Gemlik facility came from the social media account of TOGG (Turkey's Automobile Initiative Group), which will manufacture Turkey's 'domestic' automobile. During the construction process of the factory where the automobile will be produced, the works are planned. [more…]

istanbul airport hosted the millionth passenger
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Airport Hosts the 100 Millionth Passenger

The number of passengers at Istanbul Airport, which has made a name for itself by winning consecutive awards, has exceeded 100 million. Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu pointed out that despite the pandemic, the number of 100 million passengers has been exceeded. [more…]

Work begins on bursa city hospital metro line
16 Bursa

Work Begins on Bursa City Hospital Metro Line

The production of the Emek - City Hospital Rail System Line, designed by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in order to provide uninterrupted transportation to the City Hospital, and to be built by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, on the Mudanya road is starting. Metropolitan Municipality, [more…]

Breathtaking exercise from Izmir fire department
35 Izmir

Breathtaking Exercise from Izmir Fire Brigade

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department organized a fire extinguishing and rescue drill at the Türk Telekom Building in Cumhuriyet Square as part of the Fire Brigade Week activities. Minutes to the fire that broke out on the fourth floor of the building as per the scenario [more…]

What are the types of bpap devices

What are the Types of BPAP Devices?

BPAP devices can be used in chronic respiratory diseases such as COPD and lung cancer, as well as in any respiratory disease affecting the respiratory system such as COVID-19, which has been seen recently. It is also used to treat sleep apnea. [more…]