cat and dog toys

Cat and Dog Toys

Budget-friendly food options with rich ingredients and affordable prices for our paw friends. All the brands you are looking for with a rich product range that includes all the vitamin needs of our furry friends. [more…]

The safest cities in the world have been announced

The World's Safest Cities Announced

While the list of the world's safest cities became clear, it was noted that the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, took the first place. While 60 big cities were included in the research, 76 different indicators were taken as a basis. [more…]

free blue cruise voyages started in bursa
16 Bursa

Free Blue Cruise Expeditions Started in Bursa

The free 'Blue Tour' trips organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with the aim of bringing citizens together with the beaches started with a ceremony attended by the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş. From Bursa's plains to its mountains, its history [more…]

Works have started on bursaray city hospital line
16 Bursa

Works Started on Bursaray City Hospital Line

On Friday... We have received information that the project changes have been completed and the construction has started behind Balat, which will take Bursaray from its last stop, Emek Station, to the City Hospital via Geçit-Balat route, and will be done entirely underground. When we went up the hill overlooking Balat, next to the City Hospital, to take images, [more…]