How to start mining effectively as a beginner in EVE Echoes?

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EVE Echoes is an MMO for mobile devices developed by NetEase and CCP Games with a game design based on the well-known EVE Online. Eve Echoes is a videogame Sandbox that takes place in a vast universe with more than 8000 solar systems, where players will pilot their own ship and will be totally free to explore the galaxy, fight with other players' ships, form alliances, and collect all kinds of materials, market anywhere in the universe, among many other possibilities. In addition, Eve Echoes (as in Eve Online) has an economy completely managed by the players themselves, so many of them run entire companies that have great importance within the game universe, and can even handle large amounts of real money.

That said, Eve Echoes has a gameplay very similar to that of Eve Online, so many new players who have no previous experience in these games, can find it quite difficult to perform some very important activities in Eve Echoes, as is the case of mining. For that reason, below we will explain how to mine, and we will mention some important data to be able to do it effectively, which will be very helpful for new players who want to undertake this activity.

Getting an industrial building for the mining Company

The first thing to do is to get an accessible industrial ship. In this specific case we recommend the Trainer Venture, since it is one of the most economical of all and will only be used to learn about mining.
There are two methods to obtain a Trainer Venture, the first one is simply to buy it in the Market (in the section of Industrial Ships) and the second one consists of completing the Advanced Tutorial II, which gives as a reward that ship.
After getting the ship, the next thing to do is to equip it for mining from the Fitting menu. Generally, you can find out the best equipment for any ship just by going to the Recommended Fittings option, which will also be used in this case. The recommended equipment for Trainer Venture is the following:

High slot: MK3 Miner.

Mid slot: Stasis Webifier MK3, It is also recommended to equip a drone in order to prevent someone unwanted from approaching the ship.

Low slot: Small Afterburner MK3 y Small Shield Boost.

If you do not have enough money to buy some of the equipment, you can also choose to buy an inferior model, for example: instead of buying an MK3 component, you can buy an MK1. A very effective and almost instantaneous way to obtain large amounts of ISK is simply to buy it with real money through a secure video game trade website, which has a simple platform where you can buy Eve Echoes ISK in large quantities and at affordable prices as well as other EVE Echoes products other EVE Echoes goods.

Find a place to mine

To find a suitable system for mining, just go to Stelar maps, choose some of the stelar systems and then set it as your destination. However, there are many aspects to take into account, where the most basic is the system's security level (which appears to the right of the name and varies between -1 and 1), since the lower your security, the more expensive and abundant the ores of your asteroids will be, but obviously the more dangerous they will be. Having said that, it is necessary to search the internet for a list specifying the levels of security at which the different times in the game appear.

Start the mining

After having chosen a system, the ship must be uncoupled and leave the Station. When you are in the space, you must open the eye icon menu and in its upper part, you must select the mining window, which will make appear all the mining zones of the stelar system. You only have to choose one of the zones and go to it with the ship.

Upon arrival at the selected location, all the asteroids will be displayed (along with the minerals they provide). What follows will be finally approaching the asteriod to extract its ore, which is achieved by approaching enough range and then pressing the MK3 Miners icons (the range will depend on the Miner's model). During ore extraction, a bright line will surround the Miner icon, when this line is completed, the ore will be successfully extracted.
These procedures should be repeated until all the desired prayers are achieved. It is necessary to clarify that all, the extracted minerals will go directly to the Ore Hold of the inventary, but in order to be able to commercialize them it will be necessary that these are in the Item Hangar, in the personal menu of Inventary.

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