72 Percent of Rize Artvin Airport Infrastructure Works Completed

Percent of rize artvin airport infrastructure work completed
Percent of rize artvin airport infrastructure work completed

📩 03/12/2020 12:40

Rize Governor Kemal Çeber Visited Rize-Artvin Airport and Made Examinations.

Receiving information about the works and the latest situation from the contractor company officials during the investigations, Governor Çeber said that the construction of Rize-Artvin Airport is continuing rapidly and said, “There are many stages in the project and these stages are connected to each other in the form of chain links. Every step taken in this direction also affects the next process. At the point we have reached, all of our colleagues working here showed the necessary sensitivity and ensured the successful progress of the project.

Percent of rize artvin airport infrastructure work completed

Currently, infrastructure works have reached 71,3 percent. With the newly added area, approximately 100 million of the filling, which reached 77 million tons, was made. In superstructure works, we achieved 12.5 percent improvement in physical realization.

We have added a new filling area to our project with the latest arrangements. We wanted this place to reflect the social and cultural characteristics of Rize, to be the first place where those who land at the airport will meet Rize and those who leave will be the last point of view to Rize. In this direction, when the airport is finished, it will be beneficial for Rize and the trade, tourism and transportation of the region.

Percent of rize artvin airport infrastructure work completed

Drawing attention to the fact that the construction continues in three shifts, Çeber said, “Our 400-600 worker brothers work in accordance with the pandemic rules with approximately 700 construction machines. In total, 85,5 million tons of filling was made. With the new 600 acres, it increased to 100 million tons. The filling of our 3 thousand meters long runway was completed 2 months ago. All heavy duty machines make their commutes there to complete the session. The runway is a runway where even the widest body aircraft in the world can land. " found the assessment. " used the expressions.

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