Eskişehir Chamber of Industry Vocational Training Center Opens

eskisehir chamber of industry vocational training center opens
eskisehir chamber of industry vocational training center opens

Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) Vocational Training Center; ESO-MEM will raise people who are not looking for a job, but those who are sought, and bring them into the working life.

The center, which will be realized by ESO and with the support of BEBKA for 13 million TL, will provide Eskişehir with a new breath in vocational education and employment in cooperation with the Provincial Directorate of National Education. In this context, the project opening and examination meeting of the center was held.

ESO-MEM, which will serve in the existing vocational school Eskişehir Turgut Reis Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School without spending money on concrete, building and wasting state resources, will be modernized according to the conditions of the day and will serve by strengthening the educational infrastructure.

Attending the opening meeting of ESO-MEM, Eskişehir Deputy Governor Kubilay Ant stated that the ESO-MEM project is very important for the industry and industrial future of Eskişehir and thanked those who contributed.

Speaking at the opening meeting of the center, ESO President Celalettin Kesikbaş said, “We are here for the opening of the center where educated and well-equipped people will be raised for the industry of our city. The ESO-MEM project will provide a solution to our city's need for qualified personnel and will serve to raise good people. We will provide a profession to our youth, who have completed their military service between the ages of 22-35, who are in need of a job but could not get their bread in one occasion. In short, people sought, not intermediate staff, will receive training in this center ”.

Stating that the training workshops to be established within the body of ESO-MEM will provide training in the most needed areas in Eskişehir, Kesikbaş stated that the simulation center will also be located in the center and said, “We trust our state and this place comes to life with the resources it provides. On the other hand, our existing schools will be included in the project without spending money on concrete and buildings by protecting public resources. ESO-MEM, one of the best examples of public-university-industry cooperation, will offer both high-standard vocational training and applied production opportunities to the trainees with its training model. "It will be one of the vocational training centers that will set an example for our country with the industrial infrastructure it will house."

It will add value to our country

Provincial Director of National Education, Hakan Cırıt, stated that they see ESO-MEM as a continuation of vocational education that continues until the age of 18, and said, “Our students and young people who say that I will bring myself to a better point at this stage will be able to do this easily at the center. This will be a professional competence center and this person will go to the industry and find his place. As Eskişehir, we need this. I believe that our people coming out of here will add value to our city and country ”.

Competitiveness will increase

Stating that the project has both a university and an industrial part and that they support ESO-MEM as an institution, BEBKA General Secretary Assoc. Dr. M. Zeki Durak said, “I believe that we will soon reap the fruits of the seeds thrown here. We did a study on the use of idle structures, it was a good project in terms of using the existing structure. As BEBKA, R&D and increasing productivity and workforce in industry are among our common goals with ESO. This project will strengthen our competitive power in the international arena. It will also be a project that will encourage young people to industry and technology. This is an issue we attach great importance to. I wish this project to be beneficial to our city, region and country first, ”he said.

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