Contract Amendment Between SSB and ASELSAN

Contract change between ssb and aselsan
Contract change between ssb and aselsan

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In the notification made by ASELSAN to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) on December 17, 2020, it was announced that a contract amendment was signed with a value of TL 315.000.000 and USD 18.994.556. The contract amendment has been signed between the Defense Industry Presidency (SSB) and ASELSAN, and deliveries are planned to be made between 2022-2024.

In the notification made to the Public Disclosure Platform by ASELSAN, a contract amendment was signed between ASELSAN and the Presidency of Defense Industries on 17.12.2020, with a total cost of 315.000.000 TL and 18.994.556 USD, regarding an Electronic Warfare System Project. Within the scope of the said contract, deliveries will be made between 2022-2024.

statements were included. ASELSAN currently develops, manufactures and delivers electronic warfare systems in line with the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces.

KARAKULAK High Frequency Estimation and Listening System

KARAKULAK High Frequency Estimation and Listening System was introduced by ASELSAN in November 2020. KARAKULAK System developed by ASELSAN with the Presidential Defense Industry Presidency (SSB) project; It is an Electronic Warfare (EH) system that performs the functions of scanning within the HF frequency band, estimating the directions of perceived communication broadcasts, determining their location, listening, extracting and recording parameters. The system has the ability to determine the location on the digital map infrastructure, and it is possible to determine the location of the target by providing coordination with two or more systems in the field with the appropriate communication infrastructure to be selected.

Under the leadership of SSB, the New Generation KORAL (Black SOJ-2) project with ASELSAN

New Generation KORAL Electronic Warfare System to be Developed; According to the existing KORAL, it will have superior abilities in detecting / mixing and blunting enemy elements. At the same time, all enemies using advanced technology will be capable of operating against old and modern radar elements. The New Generation KORAL system will open the safe air corridor needed in the operational field by detecting and effectively mixing even the most effective and popular radar threats, and will break new ground with the support of friendly air elements to the user to perform their duties effectively and safely.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan used the following statements about KORAL in November 2020: Our KORAL Electronic Warfare System played a major role in detecting and blinding enemy radars in the operations we carried out. We are also launching the new generation KORAL Project, which is a more advanced version of this system.

showing the size of the operations carried out in Turkey and the Turkish Armed Forces is one of the most important CORAL system offers many advantages in the field of combat.

KORAL Electronic Warfare System

KORAL consists of one Radar Electronic Support System and four Radar Electronic Attack Systems, each integrated on an 8X8 military tactical vehicle.

The KORAL system is managed from the Operation Control Unit, in which the operators on duty are located, in accordance with NATO standards and protected against nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) threats.

MUKAS (Communication Jamming and Deception Simulator)

MUKAS System is a tactical field simulator system used in land platforms and developed to be used in the training of Electronic Warfare and Communication system operators.

Electronic Warfare Training and Simulator System;

  • With both Electronic Support (ED) and Electronic Attack (ET) capabilities, it provides understanding and analysis of the Electronic Warfare Order.
  • It provides training on ET capabilities and the reduction or prevention of the use of Electromagnetic Spectrum of threat elements.
  • It allows to examine how ED and ET systems will be used under what effects in the tactical field.
  • It provides an understanding of the main purpose and strategic importance of Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations.

The MUKAS System consists of the Communication Electronic Support System (MEDSİS), the Communication Electronic Attack Simulator (METSİM) and the Portable Electronic Warfare System (OPKAR).

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