19 Critical Rules to Protect Eye Health in the Covid-5 Pandemic

Critical rule to protect eye health in covid pandemic
Critical rule to protect eye health in covid pandemic

📩 18/12/2020 12:00

Although our mouth and nose come to the fore as the contamination point in Covid-19 infection, which causes millions of people to die all over the world, although it is rarer, the infection can also be transmitted from our eyes!

In some patients, Covid-19 first reveals itself in the eyes! Since we spend most of our time at home, usually in front of the computer, the risk of dryness in our eyes and fatigue and pain problems caused by this picture increases. Therefore, protecting our eyes is of particular importance in the Covid-19 pandemic. Acıbadem University Atakent Hospital Eye Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Sarper Karak emphasizes the importance of wearing a mask and washing our hands for at least 20 seconds, stating that the most important rule we should pay attention to in order to protect our eyes in the small pandemic is that our hands that are not clean enough are not brought to our eyes. Acıbadem University Atakent Hospital Eye Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Sarper Karak Küçük explained the measures we need to take to protect our eye health in the Covid-19 pandemic; made important suggestions and warnings!

Never wash hands!

Do not put your hands in your eyes or rub your eyes. Especially if you haven't washed your hands! Covid-19, like flu viruses, enters our body by passing through the membranes called mucosa that cover the body surface. These membranes, the entry gates of viruses to our body, are located in our mouth, nose and eyes. Eye Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Sarper Karak stated that washing our small hands frequently and correctly is even more important in the Covid-19 pandemic, “Because we often take our hands to our mouth, nose and eyes during the day. The risk of Covid-19 contamination can be high if hands are taken into the eyes without being duly washed with soap. Therefore, we should wash our hands frequently and for at least 20 seconds. " says.

Wear face shields and goggles

In addition to the mask you need to wear against Covid-19 for your eye health, wear face shields and protective glasses, especially in closed environments. These can provide extra benefits in terms of both creating and protecting barriers and reducing the possibility of our hands getting our eyes.

Do not waste time on these symptoms!

Although Covid-19 has no special eye symptoms; Conjunctivitis with eye redness, burning, stinging, burring, and watering may accompany the infection. "Do not neglect to consult an ophthalmologist for these problems without wasting time, because eye infections can cause permanent damage to the eyes if not treated in time." warning Prof. Dr. Sarper Karakittle, "However, if there are symptoms such as cough, fever, shortness of breath and joint pain, you must first have a chest or internal medicine examination." says.

Pay attention to these when using lenses

Contact lenses always demand thoroughness and cleanliness. During the pandemic period, it is necessary to pay more attention to the usage rules. The reason for this is that lenses inserted or removed with insufficiently clean hands increase the risk of infection through the eye. Prof. Dr. Sarper Karak Küçük explains the rules to be taken into consideration when using contact lenses as follows: “During the pandemic period, hand hygiene during contact lens wear is even more important, as hands and surfaces touched may contain viruses. The basic rules such as washing hands for at least 20 seconds, regularly putting on and removing contact lenses with carefully and properly washed hands, not sleeping with contact lenses, discarding expired monthly or daily lenses and opening a new package must be followed. In addition, it will be very beneficial to moisten contact lenses 2-3 times a day with disposable artificial tears, as the air may be drier in areas with heating inside the house, especially in winter months.

Computer break every 45 minutes

During the pandemic, the frequency of the problem of dry eyes and accompanying eye pain increases as we prolong the time we spend in front of the screen due to both education and business life. To cope with these problems, you should take a 45-5 minute break from work, get off the computer, walk around, then return to the screen every 10 minutes. Also, the screen should be lower than eye level. It is also useful to get support from artificial tears 2-3 times a day during extremely prolonged working periods.

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