Rejection from UKOME to IMM's Project of Transformation of 1000 Minibuses into Taxi

Rejection of ibb's minibus to taxi project from ukom
Rejection of ibb's minibus to taxi project from ukom

The proposal prepared by IMM for 1000 minibuses and minibuses that want to convert to a taxi in Istanbul was rejected at the UKOME meeting.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) meeting gathered at the Eurasia Show Center in Yenikapı. One of the important agenda items of the meeting was the proposal of 1000 taxi license plates that wanted to transform from a minibus to a taxi.

There were discussions before the proposal was voted on. Eyüp Aksu, the head of the Istanbul Taxi Drivers Chamber of Commerce, said that the offer was unlawful and they rejected it as taxi drivers. Minibus tradesmen representatives stated that they experienced many grievances due to the pandemic, and the proposal would be a positive step to eliminate this.

The proposal was rejected by the votes of central government representatives. In UKOME, the majority of the regulation changes were taken from the municipality and given to the central government.

Leading the meeting, IMM General Sector Can Akın Çağlar said, “The issue has been on the agenda for 4 months, it has been said to take it from the 5 thousand taxi offers, again, no decision has been made. He reacted to the decision by saying, "Let us meet again at the next meeting."

The last time IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluThe proposal for 5 new taxi arrangements was rejected for the third time at the UKOME meeting chaired by . The proposal to convert 1000 minibuses into taxis was also submitted, and it was also rejected. (Source: Universal)

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