Will Bring Brands to the Top with the Uniqueness of the PI Number

It will bring brands to the top with the uniqueness of pi number
It will bring brands to the top with the uniqueness of pi number

PIAPEX, a new technology and product management company, has begun to offer solutions in the field of product management to help businesses produce products that can compete in rapidly digitalizing and challenging global market conditions.

PIAPEX, which was founded by computer engineer Kadir Kuğu, who has undertaken the development and management of domestic and national products in different sectors from the idea stage, and finally worked as the product and strategy director at the digital security company Procenne, was implemented as a result of a long-term project. Focusing on technology and information products, PIAPEX; provides product management services for all kinds of products that contain technology in different fields such as defense, security, tourism, transportation, cyber security, finance, banking and smart cities. pıapex the spread in Turkey of product management and corporate culture of Kadir companies that have established with the aim to become a part of Cygnus, the scale of each sector and said they were ready to serve the company. Stating that businesses organize their work in accordance with the product management culture, Kuğu said, “In this way, we aim to ensure that companies get rid of repetitive work and deliver products that are the results of their work to a wider customer base. Our PIAPEX brand name, which is a combination of the words PI, which is a very important image in mathematics, engineering and technical sciences and known for its unique infinity, and Apex, which means peak in English, summarizes our goal in one word ”.

PIAPEX, established with the aim of being a solution partner for businesses at every point in the product life cycle from idea to product and customer; It has begun to provide comprehensive product management services for advanced enterprises and SMEs where at least one of the departments such as product management, strategy, marketing and sales is absent, or for corporate companies that experience disruptions in their processes despite these departments. Kadir Kuğu, the founder of PIAPEX, which was brought to life with his knowledge in product management and technology, shared the following about the company:

"We aim to bring products to the top technically and commercially with the infinite uniqueness of the PI number"

“Product management throughout my working life; I have seen that a manufacturing organization is one of its most important and indispensable strengths, that it directly affects the strategies of companies, and that it brings companies to a higher league, especially in the international arena. In this respect, the further expansion of product management in Turkey and with the goal of becoming part of the corporate culture of the company I founded the company PIAPEX. Our company name comes from the PI number, an important image frequently used in almost all engineering departments, thus evoking mathematics, engineering, and technical sciences. At the same time, PI has a unique place in geometry and mathematics as a unique number whose end has not been discovered; Some researchers associate DNA structure with human anatomy, the concept of time and even destiny. We compare the technical and uniqueness features of this issue to products. The technical part evoked by the PI number tells that PIAPEX has the technical knowledge and experience required for the products it offers product management, or that it can adapt very quickly. It expresses the necessity to reveal the unique, in a sense, unique capabilities of each product in order to obtain sustainable and competitive products. APEX means peak in English. At this point, PIAPEX explains in one word that the goal of our company is to bring the products to the top technically and commercially. "

"The founders of the world's most valuable brands are very successful product managers"

Emphasizing that the concept of product management has become the culture of companies, especially in the United States, PIAPEX Founder Kadir Kuğu continued his words as follows: “Today, many admired brands are developed by companies where product management is done well. When we look at the founders of the world's most valuable brands, we can see that each of them are very good product managers. However, a product manager or method that has been successful in a country or geography may not be successful in a different geography. The success of most products depends on the social and cultural balances in the geography where they are presented. Therefore, a good product manager must also be a good social engineer. As PIAPEX, we know very well the geography and culture we are in, as well as our global perspective. We use this power for the success of the products we manage. "

Turkey should become a global brand from product management, corporate culture to emerge

Turkey is often mixed up with the project management is relatively a new concept of product management Kadir Swan stressed, "This is the most important difference between the two concepts; projects have a certain deadline, products have a cycle of birth, life and death. Some products can survive for centuries, and some products can disappear before they are born. Another important distinction is the necessity of rescheduling projects according to the new situation every time and managing the changing needs according to the new conditions. Product management, on the other hand, regards the creation of products used in all projects with the least change, no matter how different the project is. As PIAPEX; We believe that the advancement of our country, especially in the field of technology, depends on the importance it attaches to product management. our company to be the global brand in Turkey needs to be integrated into the corporate culture of product management. PIAPEX, which was established with the aim of helping businesses to develop products that can compete in the international arena with the PMaaS (Product Management as a Service) approach; "It will enable businesses to get rid of repetitive work by organizing their work in accordance with the product management culture and to deliver the products that are the results of their work to a wider customer base."

Holistic solution from the birth of the product to its retirement

Stating that PIAPEX, which focuses primarily on technology and information products, will provide product management services for all kinds of products that contain technology in different fields such as defense, security, tourism, transportation, cyber security, finance, banking and smart cities, Kuğu continued his words as follows: “In a rapidly digitalizing global world and challenging market conditions, it has become even more important for businesses to survive for many years in a sustainable manner. As PIAPEX; To increase the financial performance of the product and to progress from the local to a global brand, to make market and competitor analysis, to formulate its strategy, to determine the road map, to clarify the scope and feature details, to develop the product, to manage the test and document processes, to establish the business model and prices, to determine the target market, We offer holistic solutions in all issues such as determining and creating marketing instruments, providing product trainings, creating and disseminating the ecosystem, feeding the product roadmap with customer feedback, and retiring the product. "

Product management service ensures efficient use of workforce and resources

Stating that there are engineering, management, marketing, sales, communication, design, entrepreneurship, strategy and many other subjects, disciplines and business areas within product management, Kadir Kuğu completed his words as follows: “Due to the complex structure of product management, it often has these capabilities. Trying to find product managers causes time loss and high costs for companies. In companies where product management is not carried out, the scope of the product, customer interviews and preparation of product documents are carried out by technical teams. This situation brings along problems such as employees with increased working hours, inefficient use of time and resources, and customer dissatisfaction. As PIAPEX, we enable technical teams to concentrate on the development and production environment. In the product world; A complex equation such as scheduling the product, determining the price and business model of the product, getting to the market at the right time and orienting to the target, brand management, providing vision and future information about the product to customers and sales teams, collecting customer feedback and updating the product roadmap. is the subject. Our company simplifies this equation to solve the problem and meet the product management needs of companies much faster with lower costs. In addition, we also undertake activities such as forming product management teams within the companies, providing trainings and providing product management consultancy. By acting as a bridge between the technical and commercial teams with the added value we provide, we also ensure that the communication problem between technical and non-technical teams that many companies have difficulty overcoming is eliminated.

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