Edirne Tramway and Light Rail Systems Should Be Considered

Explaining the transportation report, Edirne City Council President Ozer Demir said, üs The suitability of metrobus, tramway and light rail systems with scientific studies and good studies should be investigated Ulaşım.
Edirne City Council President Özer Demir and members of the board of directors announced the report on the issue of transportation.

At a press conference held at Özer Demir Sera Cafeteria, 16. He said that the final declaration of the transportation issue discussed at the Ordinary General Assembly was published.

Expressing that they organized the press conference to share the final declaration with the public, Demir stated that the city's transportation is planned with the focus of rent.

Noting that there is no human-oriented transportation in the city, Demir continued:

Ir Citizens travel in expensive and non-qualified conditions and in limited hours. The alternative bridge connecting the city to Karaağaç should be done as soon as possible. Alternative roads in zoning plans should be opened immediately. Historic bridges must be free of vehicle traffic. Sidewalks, vehicles are not suitable for disabled people. Streets should be rearranged for disabled people. River and electric vehicles can be used in transportation. The first step of public transport is the bus. The appropriateness of metrobus, tramway and light rail systems should be investigated with scientific studies. Bicycle is the most convenient means of transportation. Bike transportation is ideal in a historical city like Edirne.

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