BIFA Level Crossing Illuminated

van pier beach is again offered to the public
van pier beach is again offered to the public

📩 03/12/2020 12:57

Karaman Municipality is carrying out lighting works in neighborhood parks located in different parts of the city, and completed the lighting works at the newly completed BIFA Level Crossing.

Municipality teams are carrying out lighting works in parks that did not have lighting before and whose existing lighting failed. The teams carry out maintenance, repair and renovation works as well as lighting works in the parks where they work in a healthier and safer way due to the arrival of winter months and the pandemic. The teams, which make the parks safer and the places where citizens can go in peace, identify the missing and problematic parks one by one, and offer them to the service of the citizens by making maintenance and repairs within a certain plan.

BIFA Level Crossing Illuminated

In addition to the parks across the city, the municipal teams carry out lighting works in the needed and newly built passages. In this context, the teams, who previously carried out the lighting work of the Larende Underpass, completed the lighting works of the newly completed BIFA Level Crossing.

Boulevards and streets more aesthetic and modern

The municipality teams, which carry out renovation and arrangement works in many boulevards, avenues and streets, make the central medians more useful by narrowing them with their works. While the arranged medians are modernized with more aesthetic stones, at the same time, the image of the city is made more visual with the erection of lighting poles.

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