The Shocking Claim in Arifiye Karasu Railway Tender!

The claim that shocked the arifiye blackwater railway tender
The claim that shocked the arifiye blackwater railway tender

📩 03/12/2020 13:06

The Court of Account's review report revealed the scandal. A contract for the Arifiye-Karasu railway line project was signed in 2011 with the company in which the AKP's former candidate is a partner. 23 percent of the work was completed, the company was paid twice the tender price.

According to the report of Deniz Ayhan from SÖZCÜ; “The Court of Accounts published its report on the Arifiye-Karasu railway project, which was tendered in 2011. According to the report, an excess of 751 million 538 thousand TL was paid to the contractor firm.


According to the data of the Public Procurement Authority, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure signed a contract with Seza Construction Industry and Trade Company on April 5, 2011 for the Adapazarı Karasu Railway line tender. According to the TCA report, the total amount to be paid under the contract was 320 million 840 thousand TL. Only 23 percent of the infrastructure of the line has been completed, but 73 million TL should be paid to the contractor company, while 825 million 138 thousand TL was paid, including price differences. In other words, 751 million 538 thousand lira more was paid to the company. The amount of payment has already been more than twice the auction price.

The partner of the company, AKP Elazığ deputy candidate candidate medical doctor Prof. Jasmine Open. Yasemin Açık received an award from President Erdoğan for her contribution to the fight against smoking.


In the report of the auditors of the Court of Accounts, it was stated: “It is aimed to have the bridges, viaducts and other structures on the 73-kilometer-long double-track railway infrastructure constructed for 750 million in 320 days. The contractor was paid 825 million 138 thousand TL, it was understood that the soil improvement works were completed in an area of ​​less than 20 km and the physical realization rate of the work could only reach the level of 23 percent.

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