Patients Who Sag When They Lose Weight Are Investigating Body Shaping Surgery

Those who lost their excess weight seeking body reshaping surgery
Those who lost their excess weight seeking body reshaping surgery

📩 27/11/2020 12:20

Those who get rid of their excess weight with diet or obesity surgery may experience sagging problems. Plastics, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Assoc, who pointed out that certain sagging can not be eliminated despite regular sports from time to time. Dr. Osman Kelahmetoğlu shared information about body shaping.

After rapid weight loss, it can arise as the risk of dissolution that causes the weight loss problem to occur. Stating that body shaping surgeries can be applied to people who have sagged in various parts of their body such as breast, abdomen, arm, back, waist, thigh, face and neck and who have reached the target weight. Dr. Osman Kelahmetoğlu said, “We are planning these operations in stages. It is useful to do a maximum of two different surgeries at once. Of course, the duration varies according to the region and surgical technique. However, I suggest that the surgery should be at most 6 hours and the interval between sessions should be at least 3 months in his session, ”he said.


Expressing that the most common procedures in body shaping operations were performed in the chest, face and neck region, Assoc. Dr. Osman Kelahmetoğlu said, “Below arm, back and thigh stretching procedures are also performed very frequently. The last men also apply with the demand for abdominal and chest muscles. People who come to us with this request can have normal or overweight body mass indexes. With new liposuction techniques, these people can shape their abdominal and breast muscles without the need for weight, ”he said.


Yeditepe University Koşuyolu Hospital Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Assoc. Osman Kelahmetoğlu said, “The surgeries we do for prolapse sagging on the body should be done at the appropriate time and at the appropriate time. It is as important not to be in a hurry for the surgeries, but not to be late, considering the psychology, ”he said.

Emphasizing that body shaping surgery, body shaping surgery, if the patient has undergone weight loss surgery, after an average of 15-18 months, the operations that will remain stable for at least 3 months in the target weight can be applied to the future. Osman Kelahmetoğlu said, if the patient was of advanced age, it was decided whether the surgery would be performed or not, after evaluating the additional disease, risk factors and general condition.


Stating that body contouring will be done at the same time, the hospital will stay longer after surgery, Assoc. Dr. Osman Kelahmetoğlu said, “It may take up to a year for the scars after surgery to heal within an acceptable extent. A corset is worn for 4-6 weeks to resolve edema, support tissues and accelerate healing, ”he said.


Yeditepe University Kozyatağı Hospital General Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Servet Karagül underlined that obesity surgery, which is one of the methods he preferred for losing excess weight in the last day, is a proven treatment method in the treatment of obesity and obesity-related diseases. "This method has more gains than different methods of losing weight with the patient with non-surgical methods and the recovery obtained afterwards, but there are some criteria to determine the patient suitable for surgical treatment", Assoc. Dr. Servet Karagül gave the following information: “A commonly used calculation method is body mass index (BMI), and if kg / m 2 is serious and above 40, we can say that the obtained disease has the weight to be obtained. Using only this value is out of the hole for him, though. For example, in an athlete with a high ratio of muscle, BMI may be high even if the ratio of fat is not high. In addition, BMI value is above 35 and these patients who are added with weight such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and sleep apnea are also included in the morbid obese class. Questioning other underlying diseases that cause other obesity should also be examined. The evaluations made are given to the suitability of the procedure. "


Expressing not to think that only obesity suitable for surgery will come, Assoc. Dr. Servet Karagül said, "Surgery will set it back on track for patients, but with this, its sustainability can be evaluated." Regarding the requirements of his aim to reach the result and to protect it, Assoc. Dr. Karagül actually explained:

“Patients should accept the lifestyle changes they will make after surgery. The return to daily life will be quick for the operations performed by laparoscopic and other oral methods. However, it is not right to return to our old life. There are responsibilities given to the patient. Our expectations come from the beginning and about the activity. In the hospital, they will also make physical activity a part of their lives. Sleep patterns and a healthy social life will also help maintain success. “

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