Flying Taxi CityAirbus Launched for Sale

Airbus Electric Powered Helicopter
Photo: Airbus

Flying Taxi CityAirbus Launched for Sale: The American Airbus company broke new ground and introduced the flying helicopter taxi CityAirbus eVOL, which is not affected by urban traffic. The helicopter, which has an electric motor, can travel at a speed of 120 km / h, can fly a distance of about 100 km.

The flying helicopter taxi will be produced by Airbus with its innovative electric engine. The biggest advantage of air-taxi is that it is controlled remotely. The first independent flight of the electric helicopter with autonomous driving was made in December 2019.

Airbus started developing eVTOL in 2016 to create a taxi fleet that could fly above traffic in the city. Developed by Airbus Helicopters, the eVTOL brand has a short range of 100 km for now. The flight time of this electric helicopter, which has a four-channel propulsion unit, eight engines and eight propellers, is also very short. In order to increase this limited distance of the air-taxi, which stays in the air for only 200 minutes with the Siemens SP15D electric motor, a more advanced battery technology is required to shorten the charging times.

Remote Control Flight

In terms of safety, CityAirbus eVOL, which is currently flown only with a remote control, will not be a pilot. This remote control will soon turn into autonomous driving, as eVTOL is an extremely new technology. Therefore, it does not require a cockpit and can carry up to four passengers. Also, CityAirbus can tolerate a "single fault", meaning it can perform a normal landing even if it loses one of its propellers.

The electric helicopter, whose first flight trials were shared by Airbus, has a very different design. This model, which is open to development, seems to take its place in urban transportation, especially in Europe, in the future.

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