Touristic Hybrid Vehicle Attracts Great Interest in Ankara

touristic hybrid vehicle is very popular in Ankara
touristic hybrid vehicle is very popular in Ankara

Ankara Castle and the Nation ring around the historic center providing free services to Turkey rechargeable hybrid electric commercial vehicle received full marks from Başkentliler. The hybrid vehicle, donated by Ford Otosan, provides free ring service to citizens on weekdays and weekends at 6 stops.

Under the contract signed between Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Ford Otosan, a rechargeable hybrid electric vehicle Ford Custom PHEV was put into service for the citizens of the Capital.

One of the hybrid electric vehicles delivered at a ceremony attended by Mayor Yavaş, provides ring service in the historical areas around Ankara Castle and Ulus. Local and foreign tourists can benefit from free shuttle service on weekdays and at weekends.


The citizens of Başkent and the tourists coming to Ankara started to show great interest in the service, which also hit the traffic and parking problems in the historical areas around Ankara Castle and Ulus.

The free ring is open between 10.00-17.00 on weekdays and 10.00-19.00 on weekends;

  • Castle Front Square,
  • PTT Samanpazarı Square,
  • Ethnography and Painting Museum,
  • Fire Brigade Square-Melike Hatun Mosque,
  • Ulus Metro Station-Stad Hotel,
  • Ulus Victory Monument-Anafartalar Bazaar,
  • Roman Theater-Minibus Stops,
  • It can be accessed from 6 points, in front of the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.


Tradesmen, as well as citizens who travel to history comfortably and safely with a hybrid vehicle, give full marks to the new service and express their opinions as follows:

Hasan Bozkurt (Castle tradesman): “There was no such application here. It was very nice to have this application. The elderly could not go to the castle on foot. Now they come out comfortably. It attracts great attention. Due to the pandemic process, foreign tourists cannot come, but there are local tourists and people who love this place very much. Citizens were also having difficulties because of the parking problem, but there was no such problem anymore. We would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and our President, Mansur Yavaş. "

Hatice Koramaz (Castle tradesman): “We have been operating here for 12 years and we have been waiting for such an application for a very long time. It has been very good for us. We even want the numbers to increase. "

Derya Demir (Local tourist): “We are very satisfied with the application. When going to the castle, walking distance is quite long, it is not possible to walk in this heat. It is an application that we can prefer after that. Our work will be easier. Thank you very much to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for the application. "

Vildan Çelik (Local tourist): “It is a very nice application. It is really difficult to walk in this heat, you run out of energy. That's why we found this application very successful. "

Kübra Balcıoğlu (Local tourist): “I am very pleased with this right now. I wore high heels and when I saw this service I immediately used it. It was an application that cuts our feet off the ground. The roads of the castle are very steep. It was a service we expected and we thank Mayor Yavaş for that. "

Meral Ünal (Local tourist): “It was a very good application. We saw the posters here, learned and used them immediately. The route is very successful. Thank you to everyone who contributed."

Ayça Çalış (Local tourist): “This is my second time to Ankara. When I first arrived, I was very tired while visiting these places. Now I'm here to show my family. It was an application that made us very comfortable. There are many slopes. I really like."

Another of the rechargeable hybrid electric vehicles donated to the Metropolitan Municipality will be used for citizen complaints and field visits through Başkent Mobil and Başkent 153.

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