President Imamoglu Feasted With IETT Employees

president imamoglu feasted with iett staff
president imamoglu feasted with iett staff

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who visited IETT Edirnekapı Garage on the 2nd day of Eid al-Adha Ekrem İmamoğluCelebrated with IETT executives and employees.

Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Ekrem İmamoğlu; He celebrated with İETT employees in Edirnekapı. Engin Altay, Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Group of the Republican People's Party (CHP), also attended the festivity event held at IETT's Edirnekapı Garage.

Speaking after General Manager Alper Bilgili, who made the opening speech on behalf of IETT, Altay said, “I wish you all the days, weeks, months, and years in a healthier, more peaceful, happier, more prosperous, together with your nation, your children, your precious families. I also hope that this holiday will bring goodness to all humanity and to the Islamic world. ”


İmamoğlu, who took the microphone after Altay, emphasized that institutions like IETT, which has a history of 150 years, deserve respect. Emphasizing that not only the employees but also their families celebrate their holidays, İmamoğlu said, “I wish them 'Happy Holidays'. IMM and municipalities have a feature like this: there is no feast and no audience. Always on the alert, on the alarm and in a working process. We are doing such a task. This sacrifice of this task, this profession, every person involved in this business is valuable. I think the people of Istanbul are aware of this. I know that they have a very, very special love and respect for you. Sometimes there may be deficiencies, mistakes. This is and will exist throughout the business. Our institutions have a completely different responsibility with the pandemic process. Perhaps the most concrete moments of the measures they take and will take in this process are hidden in the moments that you do your duty. Here we need both the maximum understanding of our society and the maximum attention and diligence of all our employees. ”


At this point in the speech, CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu called İmamoğlu. İmamoğlu brought Kılıçdaroğlu to employees on his mobile phone. Kılıçdaroğlu called out to the employees with the following words:
“I have always respected, and will continue to respect, all my friends, employees, those who shed sweat, those who bring halal bread to their home in the evening. You have a very clean, honest and moral Mayor in Istanbul and you work with him. I sincerely congratulate both Mr. Mayor and his dear friends working together. I send my sincere greetings, love and respect to all of them. ”


Continuing his speech after Kılıçdaroğlu's message, İmamoğlu said, “We are in my Feast of Sacrifice. I wish all our prayers to be accepted. I made a trip to the country. For the first time in 30 years, I had a Feast of Sacrifice in my village; it was very valuable. I brought greetings from the beautiful corner of our country, from Trabzon. Turkey also slots in each of your different places, there are people. I send greetings to them too. Peace is important, peace is important, solidarity is important, love is important, respect is important; I care about this very much. You are like the front of society. You work in the field. Smiling face, don't be missing from your face, please. Your face should always smile. May you find the morale that sees you. This attitude and behavior of yours is the same with our employees over 80 thousand and when we spread the attitude behavior to Istanbul, believe Istanbul's morale will be high. These are very important emotions. I love you all. By protecting your right, your law and ensuring that you get the value of your labor, I hope that; By managing a process with a complete, minimal error, we will achieve a historical period of duty together in Istanbul. There is one thing I say everywhere: Feel yourself belonging to your institution. Serve your institution. Carry the principles of your institution. This place should be transformed into a channel where institutional belonging is highest. People are temporary. Other feelings come and go, but institutions are essential. I thank you again for contributing to 16 million people ”.

The feasting ceremony ended after President İmamoğlu had a photo taken with the people working in front of the veteran buses of IETT history brought to Edirnekapı Garage.

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