Minister Selçuk Evaluated Distance Education and New Education Year Preparations

Minister Selçuk Evaluated Distance Education and New Education Year Preparations
Minister Selçuk Evaluated Distance Education and New Education Year Preparations

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk, evaluating the distance education studies and the preparations for the new academic year, said, “We are increasing our opportunities regarding the live class at least 10-12 times compared to the beginning. The quotas of our children who do not have an internet package are doubled in order to have fair opportunities in access. We do not make a decision that puts any of our children and teachers at risk. We will start face-to-face training in certain classes on September 21st. " said.

Minister Selçuk, in his speech at the "Evaluation of Distance Education Studies and New Education Year Preparations", said that taking measures within the scope of Kovid-19 and taking measures to keep the quality of children's education at a certain level by watching the world is a critical situation. Kovid-19 outbreak resentment stated that the opening of schools in this period because of Selcuk, the answers given to how the question of distance education is very clear, a separate place, as in the world in Turkey, distance education due to health conditions, he said no. Stating that they had opened television channels from the beginning, the contents of the channels were filled according to the school levels, Selçuk continued as follows: “There are very few countries in the world that can do this. Turkey has succeeded in a very short time it. Now we have become very assertive in quality. We established 10 studios for television channels. More than a thousand people, including 674 teachers, TRT staff and other experts, work almost 7/24. We shot 3 thousand 358 lessons and activities. The process of conducting a lesson takes about 5 days. A 20-minute lesson is prepared in 5 days. Still, this process continues by deepening and increasing expertise. Did we just settle for the TV? No. We set up live platforms. EBA Academic Support. This is a content in a few countries in the world in terms of artificial intelligence-based educational content. An intelligence that advises the department according to the interest, level and situation of the student. A system that can take one million separate mock exams if there are one million students. "

Stating that they do this not only for students but also for teachers, Selçuk noted that teachers are constantly in education. Selçuk said that they do live classes, that there are few countries in the world that can do this, and that they do research on distance education and have the opportunity to see the shortcomings. Live shortcomings in infrastructure related to the class that, it's just as well for the world that Turkey is not a new situation for expressing Selcuk, told us that they care about the subject for lively classroom in small classes. Selçuk said, “In this process, we increase our opportunities regarding the live class 10-12 times compared to the beginning. This makes us very happy. Teachers and students have the opportunity to synchronize as in the classroom. " said.

Internet quotas are doubling

Minister Ziya Selçuk emphasized that they measure distance education instantaneously, and noted that how many live classes are available at which class level, how many teachers are active, the activity of children in primary school and secondary education in EBA, which city and school are active are monitored instantly. In Turkey voicing the most visited in the tenth site that EBA is located in the most visited educational site in the world Selcuk, enter the top three in the world is an important step, he was understood that they would move forward. Selçuk said that positive news came from GSM operators to support children who do not have an internet package in order to have an opportunity justice in access, the quotas of children on education will be doubled, and their work for the justice of opportunity will continue.

"We evaluated the summer vacation as an educational opportunity"

Minister Ziya Selçuk stated that they consider the summer holiday as an educational opportunity, and said, “Our television channels have opened summer programs and summer schools without stopping. We established design skill workshops. It is important for children to have the opportunity to have a workshop on every subject and to participate in these workshops by getting ready in advance. We made a special program for foreign language related literature. We said, 'We can give all the lessons taken during the whole summer in one summer'. We prepared an international content by taking A1 and other levels into consideration. We presented this throughout the summer. " he spoke. Stating that the literacy processes of the students who attended the first grade last year were left unfinished and they created a program called "I Read-Write" to complete this, Selçuk said that training packages were prepared for teachers and they prepared a generation called "Teachers' Room".

Selçuk stated that they also organize the “From Us to Generation” program for parents, and that experts, academics and institutions have voluntarily contributed to many issues in this process. Stating that profession presentations were made, reading books and foreign language course packages, and entertaining mobile applications were released, Selçuk said, “Is this enough? No. Very interesting requests came from the parents of our children who need special education. Our parents mentioned that the possibilities in special education schools are different and they have some problems at home. Perhaps the subject we thank the most is this 'I'm in Special Education' mobile application. We got such a positive response. " He spoke in the form. Stating that he had the opportunity to meet with 5 thousand teachers from 38 provinces on a live platform in 190 months, Selçuk said, “I even care about a Minister of National Education meeting face to face with around 190 thousand teachers and saying how are you, are you okay. It is important for me to give the message 'We walk together, we shoulder together, we are not behind our eyes as you make this effort, we are grateful to you all'. " said.

"We trained our 496 thousand teachers in the field of information technologies"

Stating that he had the opportunity to meet with thousands of students and gathered with their parents, Selçuk said: “We have trained 496 thousand teachers in the field of information technologies. 395 thousand of them received their certificates. In the period when digital skills are not needed, digital skills kazanThe meaning of it was also in the air. Now it has turned into an ordinary skill of maintaining daily life. Our teachers were directly involved in this work, as there was a need, and they became demanding. We receive thousands of requests from teachers for digital skills training. We can now provide personalized training. It has been the voluntary support of large organizations and brands. We ensure that hundreds of thousands of our teachers receive digital skills training and that tens of thousands of our teachers receive certificates valid all over the world. More than 5 thousand of our high school students received internationally valid certificates.” Realizing that children, especially those who have difficulty in accessing, need concrete tools, he stated that a story-based curriculum was carried out for the first time in Turkey, and noted that these books were delivered to 22 million 700 thousand students in 5 thousand 230 primary schools.

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk said that during the coronavirus epidemic, they published "psychoeducational activities books" in order to rehabilitate the emotional state of children and prevent possible traumas. Stating that they are preparing psychological support guides for young people, teachers and parents, Selçuk stated that they attach great importance to psychological support in this period. Selçuk said that the issue of how parents will manage their relations with their children is focused on the questions coming to the guidance services in 81 provinces and that the questions are answered by experts. Stating that they use virtual robots on other questions, Minister Selçuk said: “We have established a system in which virtual robots are used for the first time in the public sector to the Ministry of Education. Robots that instantly answer everyone's questions, which are learning. Because it is artificial intelligence-based, machine learning-based, they are constantly learning and give wider answers. They are starting to give more informal answers, they are able to give answers that take into account more personal needs. This makes us very happy. These studies are very rare in the world, and they are important in that respect. "

Preparations for the new academic year

Minister Ziya Selçuk stated that they are preparing packages for students for the new academic year. Stating that schools have been opened in almost all European countries or will be opened on September 2, Selçuk said, “There are some adaptation studies in all of them. In other words, how to educate students on this subject, how to educate teachers, how to guide parents. There are reports and documents about these in many Anglo-Saxon countries, but more. They have a concrete set of action plans. We determined our needs by looking at our own culture and society and prepared an education package for our children. " said. Stating that they have prepared a book that introduces games for children to play without touching each other, Selçuk noted that in the first week of adaptation, when face-to-face education started, content was prepared on what to do with the child and what kind of measures parents and administrators would take.

Stating that EBA channels also have new preparatory period programs, Minister Selçuk said, “For example, we want sports every day in the morning. There is no physical education in the morning every day at school, but it is here. We prepared videos about this, created a video library. " used the expressions. Stating that all the details regarding distance education can be accessed on the internet address, Selçuk stated that the videos of the broadcasts in the preparation period were shot and the flow charts were drawn. Stating that they have been preparing for this for months, Selçuk said: “We are preparing for this: If face-to-face training does not start on August 31, I said we have a script, and we prepared what it required a month or two in advance. Let's say we had prepared what he needed if he had started. That's why we don't have any worries. We don't feel anything missing. We are just trying to improve the quality. In this sense, we increased the capacity of live lessons at least 10 times. According to what? According to Marta, we increased it at least 10 times. We are increasing more and more. In this sense, we are very satisfied. Our supporting tools will increase gradually. "

Concrete workbook will also be distributed to children

Minister Ziya Selçuk stated that for the first time, workbooks will be distributed to children in addition to the textbook. Stating that this will be a new practice, Selçuk said, “Students, parents may need books other than the textbook. We've done some research about this deficiency in Turkey. We said 'We will give you a concrete student workbook for whatever you need outside of the textbook.' These books will be distributed to all primary school students. Textbooks have also been distributed to a large extent as of last week. He was sent to schools. We have no problem there because we had already finished the books 2 months ago. " used the expressions. Explaining that they have been working with the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) for about three months, Minister Selçuk continued his words as follows: “Which standards should be regarding the cleaning of the school? This standard is a special standard. Because the corona era standard. So what we can do, we have worked with experts for a long time, and we have published standards for every environment of the school, namely the teacher's room, wet floors, corridors, garden, doors, windows, laboratories, and the improvement of hygiene conditions and infection prevention guide. Since this guide is a very formal and standard guide, it should be re-guided according to the language of the parent, teacher. We prepared his books and prepared guides for teachers, administrators and parents. We also give 'My School is Clean' certificate to our schools that have completed their preparations. This is about our effort to raise our standard. ” Stating that they have completed their deficiencies by meeting with the school administrators, Selçuk stated that all of the needs such as disinfectants, soap and masks are produced in vocational high schools, public education centers and BİLSEMs, "We do not have problems in procurement because we produce it ourselves." said.

"We are establishing 5 thousand 200 EBA Support Points"

Minister Ziya Selçuk noted that there are approximately 1,5 million children experiencing problems in terms of the regions where they access the internet. Stating that these children do not appear in EBA, Selçuk continued his words as follows: “We are giving a special set of 17 books to each child with this kind of condition. Why are we just giving this to them? Because there is a problem with their access. We do not give these 17 books to the other vast majority. We only give concrete books to children in village schools and hamlets. We are establishing 5 thousand 200 EBA Support Points. We also started to install. You can see these points very quickly everywhere from next week. We are installing these points in areas where children who have difficulties in access are present. We also undertake their transportation, we also prepare a Mobile EBA Support Point for their access. With support points in our schools, public education centers, BİLSEMs and similar organizations, every child can come and work in a specially prepared environment where they can sit safely at this support point. This didn't exist, this is new. Something that starts with August 31st. " Noting that they also created the digital library of distance education, Selçuk said that they established a site called “Reading Fish” to encourage children to read, and also prepared podcasts for teachers and parents.

Distance education

Underlining that coronavirus is the problem of the whole world, Minister Ziya Selçuk said: “Today, the most realistic and powerful tool we have, I say for August 31st, distance education. Distance education is not a matter of good or bad, how do we use distance education in the best way, that's the name of our problem. We take care of distance education and as of 31 August we think it is very important. We know that face-to-face training is of course much more functional. But even if it is not possible now, we want to give the right of distance education to the fullest. Almost all of the countries in Europe have opened schools, but in this process, we need to make calculations specific to our country and our own risk so that we do. In this context, distance education is now much more valuable and all parents should protect it. " Minister Selçuk stated that children will be responsible for the subjects they receive from distance education in terms of assessment and evaluation, and said, “Therefore, distance education is not perceived by us as in March, when the infrastructure is weaker. Today, we see distance education as a place that has been strengthened much more and its quality has been carried to international standards. In this sense, we will do whatever it takes to make up our students. " he spoke.

Minister Selçuk answered the questions after his speech at the "Evaluation of Distance Education Studies and New Education Year Preparations" meeting. Reminding that private school representatives demand VAT and parents demand discounts, Selçuk explained that many meetings were held about private schools. Stating that some analysis studies have been carried out on issues such as the conditions and fees of the schools, Selçuk said: “Very long-term studies were carried out with the representatives. We clearly expressed our expectations for private schools to take measures in line with the demands of parents. They also had a declaration last week. Due to the different conditions and fees of each school, there is a situation that will vary depending on the schools, which are rented or not, regarding discounts in private schools by following this request. All school representatives have an agreement that every school should do this. Another issue about us; What could be some facilitation for parents on tax and similar issues? We are working on this issue and we will reach a certain point in the next week, within a week. There is no clear subject at the moment. What has become clear is that I hope our private schools will take into account the demands of our parents. We are in all kinds of contact with them regarding their purchase. "

Stating that EBA was not capable of serving 18 million students when it first started in March, Selçuk said, “This is the same in Germany, France and England. For this reason, we could not do some work and operations at the point of following this work by forcing each of our students, for example by taking the condition of attendance. The infrastructure was not ready yet. In the second issue, in the process of assessment and evaluation, we said 'you are exempt from non-face-to-face training'. Why did we say? Because again because this infrastructure was not ready, because we just started and like all countries, we encountered a surprise. Now, some determinations such as both attendance, assessment and evaluation, and 'you will be responsible for the content they receive in distance education' will facilitate our teachers' education and training work in this sense. " made its evaluation.

Minister Selçuk said the following on a question about the transition to face-to-face education: “Questions are being asked to the members of the Scientific Committee. Answers to these questions are asked. We are talking about the Board or the Ministry of Health, with which we also follow its advice and make decisions. When you ask this question, it is said that a very clear and determined answer to it cannot be months ago and it should be subject to continuous evaluation depending on the conditions of that day. In such a situation, we were saying this clearly 3-2 years ago; We could say, 'The schools will be opened at this time, the break will be at this time,' but now it is not possible for the Ministry of National Education to make a decision and say it alone because it is a decision that can be taken in cooperation with other institutions and organizations and stakeholders. But principles must be determined. "

Evaluating their approach on this issue, Selçuk said, "We, as the Ministry of National Education, of course very much want children to receive face-to-face education." said. Selçuk continued his words as follows: “Of course, we made preparations for this and created the entire infrastructure. You are watching. Figures and numbers regarding the course of the epidemic are published. Regarding how the course of the epidemic is going, it is very clear that when, how, how and in which classes the schools will be opened in accordance with the recommendation of the Board. Think of it this way; If the Board and the Ministry of Health would say, 'This is the current picture for us. It is okay to open all schools. ' Of course, we open schools. If he absolutely says 'this is not possible', we are not in the situation of objecting to this and saying 'We are doing the opposite even though you say this'. May our people know that; we do not make any decision that increases the risk of our children or teachers. We do whatever is required of this. Our homework is to complete any deficiencies that may arise. Our duty is to educate teachers and children in the community in health. Which classes will open on September 21, these speculations are always made. Ricam is just what it says on the website of the Ministry of Education from official sources. We will start face-to-face training in certain classes on September 21st. Currently there is no change regarding this. Since the board on the course of the epidemic convenes every week and the evaluation is in question, we will follow this and consider our situation clearly accordingly. "

"I think it is not very correct to prepare a ground for abuse by making forced comments on certain cases"
National Education Minister Ziya Selcuk, a journalist, "many countries of the world with regional schools opening decision, every decision of the regional and Turkey, while in some provinces, why we act as a whole in education? For example, what is the sin of village schools? " He said, “There is no such thing as an objection to such a thing. If you remember, we had announced a scenario that schools would open city-based. The important thing here is; Looking at the general situation in Turkey to be based on the overall situation is expected to come to a certain level. Measures can be taken regionally when this is a base. We have no objections. We studied the legal infrastructure of this. Constitutionally, in terms of equal opportunity, when we open certain regions and do not open certain regions, this becomes a legal basis, we have done legal studies on this. We have no objection to this happening. We have preparation. It may be a work that will leave it to the initiative of the dear governors, but for this, the general rule must reach a level on the country level so that we will form a base. Here, the perspective of the Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee is very important. We can do this tomorrow. Our teacher and infrastructure is ready. Certain schools are lacking and needs. We'll get them together in a few days. We are ready for this tomorrow and when the options regarding this are listed, these options are still registered in our house. "

Reminding of a union's research on coronavirus in schools, Selçuk made the following assessment: “We have, of course, name-by-name determinations based on data beyond gossip. So among our 957 thousand teachers, which ones have chronic illnesses? Which ones have been reported and are at risk of corona? Which ones are 60 years or older? We know all these by name and we have already made our announcement about the absence of these teachers, who are in the risk group, from school. There are about 4.5 million employees in the public sector. Are they all at work? At the beginning. Have you heard the news like this? "People who work in banks or highways have caught the corona." It's interesting to say that this way. We need more intelligent explanations. Teachers also have this job. We are in our school and we are in charge of the teacher's identity and perception of teaching. Are there nearly 1 million healthcare personnel? Are there cops? They are all at work. I think it is not very right to prepare a ground for abuse by making forced comments on certain cases. "

Ziya Selçuk, Minister of National Education, stated that during the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic, expenses increased in some areas of education, while expenses decreased in others. Referring to the increase in the expenses in the works carried out to develop and strengthen the digital infrastructure, Selçuk emphasized that the expenses decreased in cases related to the daily operation of the school. Stating that the main burden in education is related to teachers' salaries, Selçuk said, “If you look at the budget of the Ministry of National Education, you will see that the investment budget is very very small. By what, by the staff salary. This is the case for all schools. In other words, if the real burden is rent, it is in the rent and the salary of the teacher. The remaining burden is the tax burden and electricity and water money. If the tax burden continues, if the salary continues, it is likely that our expenses will not be greatly reduced by the Ministry of Education, but we will need more budgets elsewhere. he spoke.

"School is the safest place, because we take our precautions extraordinarily"

Selçuk, "(In the epidemic) will additional measures be taken regarding teachers over 60 and with chronic diseases?" He gave the following answer to his question: “With these HES codes related to all our teachers, service drivers, if there is a case in the family of any of our students, we take instant precautions to prevent the student from attending school when face-to-face training starts and our software infrastructure will fall on the phone of the school administrator. last week is over. We strive to eliminate risks, taking into account all our teachers and students. Our first thing about our teachers aged 60 and over with chronic diseases is this; You know, the circular on public personnel was published 3 days ago. Before that was published, we made our decision, this is about the administrative leave of our teachers. Because when they have such a risk, we can never invite them to school. Was that enough, not enough. We do not think of an overtime as our teachers come in the morning and go in the evening full time every day. Based on the circular regarding public personnel, our teachers also come alternately and at the point where the risk will be minimized, it may be a risk at home, a risk on the street, or on vacation. School is the safest place, because we take our precautions extraordinarily. "

"If there is a problem with staff, disinfectants, masks in any of our schools, this is my problem"

Regarding a question regarding the efforts to ensure adequate cleaning and hygiene of the schools, Minister Selçuk said: “We of course consider the cleaning of a school by trusting the staff of the school or relying on its management, but we have also trained 2 thousand (people) external auditors, TSE provided this. education. What will external auditors do? They follow the school independently and make a checklist where is the self-evaluation made by the school and they say, 'You said that in our school, these measures were taken in these areas, the school made a self-evaluation list. But is it really so, the inspectors control it. Well, if a school is lacking, if the school cannot solve it, is this school's fault of course not. The school will just say I need a mask and I don't have a mask, I need a disinfectant and no disinfectant. There is no cleaning staff in my school, can the school meet this need, no. We meet this need. That is why we have received 80 thousand extra personnel, namely 54 thousand personnel in schools, but on top of that, we have recruited an additional 80 thousand, plus 10 thousand more this year. Where did we get it? We got it from TYP (Community Benefit Programs). And this is confirmed. It was distributed by considering the student population according to the provinces. "

Stating that the responsibility for the lack of personnel and hygiene materials in schools belongs to him, Selçuk said, “If there is a staff problem, disinfectant problem, mask problem in any of our schools, this is my problem. Vocational high schools, science and art centers, public education centers related to taking this measure made our job much easier. In the past, their production, purchasing and so on were a serious problem for us, but now we have surplus. In that respect, we have no worries, thank God. " he spoke.

Face to face education

When asked about the classes that will start face-to-face education, Selçuk said: “If you ask this to the Scientific Committee, the Ministry of Health, or us, we are looking at the course of the epidemic. 'What will be the situation?' we have to watch. We guarantee one thing. We do whatever it takes to ensure that none of our teachers and students take risks. If it is necessary not to open it, we will not. If we can, we would love to open it. This decision will be taken on the day when the decision regarding this period is in question. Very clearly 'Those classes.' we will say. Don't perceive this as uncertainty, perceive it as protecting the child. We cannot afford to put children at risk. Our concern is to make education sustainable. "

Minister Selçuk said, “Can vocational high schools be among your priorities in face-to-face education? “Our vocational high schools have never been closed. Write our colleagues who do business we need in relation to the production there, 'Please use your permission.' although we said they did not use it. That's why we have more needs right now. That's why we provide whatever material is required if face to face. We also have something about students partially, but we do not want to risk our students in that sense. Regarding production, "Students should come and take risks." we can't do that. We do the production in another way or we buy it without risking the student. " he answered.

Stating that the necessary information about measurement and evaluation will be clear within a week, Selçuk said, “Last semester, our students were exempted or there was no requirement for attendance, and there was a situation where there was no exam and attendance. Now, we are doing distance education much more professionally and with a much stronger infrastructure. So our expectation for measurement is that the children will be responsible for what they watch, live lessons on TV and at EBA. " He spoke in the form.

"Curriculum content will be diluted in face-to-face education"

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk, "Has there been an application for a transition from private school to public school?" He stated that there is no mass transition to public schools, transfers continue every year for appointments and for a number of reasons, and that the relevant infrastructure is ready. "Will there be dilution when it comes to face-to-face training?" Selçuk said, “When face-to-face education is started, the days will be diluted, the content of the curriculum will be diluted, which is done, done and ready in our hands. The responsibility of the children will also be from this diluted curriculum. In general, there is no perspective that he will be responsible for all of them. " he replied. When asked whether face-to-face training would be optional, Selçuk said: “This is not only an educational problem, but also a sociological problem. Therefore, we, parents, by forcing "Everyone will have an obligation." We do not make the sentence. We create the legal infrastructure for this. This is not an ordinary situation, it is a general disaster situation. Let's say our parents during the epidemic period, there is a family member with a chronic illness or another problem. The parents' initiative should be taken into account. " "Will education continue from EBA TV in this process?" Selçuk asked, “Of course. He will also be strictly responsible for the education there. Distance education will include a liability in the same way as the child who is responsible for face-to-face education and attending school. " gave the answer.

"School is much safer than other places"

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk stated that the Ministry of Health has prepared a protocol against the possibility of detecting a case at the school and the stages for managing this process have been determined. Stating that in case of any case in a school or classroom, prolonged education will be initiated from face to face education, Selçuk stated that the protocol was prepared in this direction. Underlining that the risk is everywhere except the school, Selçuk said, “If we close this school, it is not something that will improve. The school is much safer than other places. Why is it safe? Because we constantly check the environment. It is constantly being disinfected. " said.

HES codes work

Stating that there will be no classes during the first week of the school, only orientation training will be held, Selçuk stated that the teachers will receive training many times throughout the year. Stating that there will be trainings for parents, Selçuk also explained how the HES codes will work as follows: “Do we follow the HES codes regarding possible risks? It instantly falls on the phones of school principals. This is automation, this is software. It falls automatically. Someone will think of it, call the manager, nothing like that. It automatically falls on the phone. When he falls, that class, that child, that teacher, that family, the protocol is checked immediately, "This process will be done in this order." The system works exactly like this. We went beyond that and finished our simulations for what else we can do, forward-looking, for example the situation where the vaccine is in question. We are not revealing it yet, because we are waiting for the vaccine-related process. Make sure that the entire academic year is over in our minds. Until the last weeks, what we will do, what we need, all of them are over in our minds. Because I want to work on quality during the year. I don't want to deal with the daily crisis. We manage risk, we don't manage crisis, what could be your risk. While all European countries are opening schools, you will see that on September 2, England, etc., they open, why don't we? The calculations we have made, with these numbers, do not yet carry the level of risk we want for our children and teachers. When it moves, we open the school. Our parents should never worry. "

Selcuk Minister, referring to the success of Turkey's catch in the PISA exam, "PISA exam started 5-6 since the country fell down the first time we set up the PISA exam in every country in 10-12. PISA is spoken, spoken, PISA writing is written for days when it is negative. Either we went up 12 countries, once you write positive. " said. Stating that the results of TIMMS, which is the equivalent of curriculum-based PISA, will be announced in November, Selçuk said that there is a great increase in this exam.

Upon the question of journalists about how the exams will be, Minister Selçuk said: “We always make the decisions that will be in favor of our teacher, who will not leave our students in a difficult situation. Let's say the exam content is given to YKS and ÖSYM towards the end of the second semester related to university entrance. There are some issues that we want to determine and have already determined. Currently, assessment and evaluation standards are about to end. When our children receive distance education, we make a number of simulations that their exams are face to face and they are responsible for these exams. In other words, we are working on which students can take the exam in accordance with social distance, at which grade and when. All this will be clear in a very short time. We will also explain this to our children. We work on which students can take the exam in accordance with social distance, and when we can take the exam. All of these will soon be clear within a week at the latest. We will also explain this to our children. At the moment, their task is to study their own subjects, and since you are not responsible for the subjects in distance education as in the previous period, it would be beneficial for them to look at all these issues in detail as soon as possible.

“With the recommendation of the Scientific Committee, we are much more determined at the starting point regarding small classes,” Minister Selçuk made the following assessment: “We attach great importance to the spiritual bond of primary school children to a teacher's point of view and touch. We are talking about a child who, for the first time in his life, has never been in a school or elementary school environment and will be dealing with a teacher in this sense, who does not know what to do in the classroom, how the order works, and none of them. Families have great excitement. They are inexperienced, and precisely for this reason, and with the advice of the Science Committee, we are much more determined to start with small classes. Because of course these children have academic needs, but they have a spiritual need first. To meet this, he may not be full time with his teacher every day, even if a little, what we call diluted gradual is about it, let them meet somehow. It would be different for a 2nd and 3rd grade primary school student to meet with the person he met in a live class and meet with someone he does not know. Our parents are very tired, we are aware of this. Most of our teachers said, 'We want to be at school. We want to work whatever it takes. How can we reach the student we cannot reach? These are questions that are constantly being asked. I am happy with the teachers, because they took care of this job in the difficult times of our nation in this process. They continue to claim. The phrase “teachers don't want to go to school” sounds very meaningless. Because I know the effort and diligence of our teachers. Therefore, I am grateful. "

On the question of how a journalist will contribute to the education of digital transformation during and after the pandemic, Minister Selçuk replied: “When I took office, I said that artificial intelligence and robots will be our agenda. There were interesting comments on social media that the Ministry of Education will deal with these issues. The transformation of our infrastructure and artificial intelligence support in our academic content, robots in call centers… etc. The reflection of this on every level has been the issues we have been working on since the weeks we arrived. We always say this; We are in contact with the ministers of the European Union and OECD countries. I watch some of them on social media. We look at what they are doing. We are in the top 3 and 5 in the world among them. The main reason I say is this; 'We already talked about the secondary education design before the epidemic started. I said, 'There is no such thing as students seeing 8 hours of theoretical lessons face to face. They take some lessons remotely, take their exams, and socialization and enrichment of children such as art, sports and spaces will be ensured in the vacated areas. We set such a goal. ' What I said in 2018 was actually about preparing this infrastructure. We were caught off guard in March, but not like other countries. That's why I said that in the next academic year, students will receive international certificates. These certificates will also be counted as courses and credited. I have saved the following, the student who can say I want to be exempt from these courses. It will deal with arts, sports and certain fields in its space. We want to support you in terms of personality and talent development. We want not to talk about a managed process by solely solving questions. We see this as a great opportunity. Previously I was trying to explain this. Trying to enrich it with examples just because it could be from a distance, the disadvantage turned into an advantage. "

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