How is Marti Scooter Rented? How Much is the Marti Scooter Rental Fee?

How is Marti Scooter Rented? How Much is the Marti Scooter Rental Fee?
How is Marti Scooter Rented? How Much is the Marti Scooter Rental Fee?

How is Seagull Rented? and Seagull Rental Fee? Detailed answers to the questions are in this article… Seagulls are a system that takes place at short distances where people do not want to walk and run car contacts or do not want to be stuck in traffic and wait. Mobile application is required to use the electric scooter known as Seagull. Many people use the Martı electric scooter on long beaches and parks. So, How Is Seagull Rented? How Much is the Seagull Rental Fee?

Martı, which is an electric scooter, enables citizens to reach another point from any place with a mobile application. Seagulls are a system that operates at short distances where people do not want to walk and operate car contacts or wait in traffic and wait.

How is Seagull Rented?

Mobile application is required to use the electric scooter known as Seagull. Download the free mobile app from iOS and Android platforms to use Seagull.

Click start by finding the closest Seagull on the map. Have your smartphone scan the barcode on the scooter.

Enter the password from the application to unlock the lock on the Seagull. Once unlocked, the scooter will be ready for use.

How Much is the Seagull Rental Fee?

These scooters, where you can rent a car thanks to an application, continue to add color to your life. These vehicles, which provide a very enjoyable and enjoyable ride, support you to reach short distances easily with its electrical structure. The pricing of Seagulls, which attracts attention with its structure that adds fun and convenience to life, is again realized through the application.

  • Starting the journey 1,99 TL
  • For every minute 0,59 TL

To finish your journey, you have to park the scooter in accordance with the rules. Otherwise, criminal proceedings may be applied.

How to Use Seagull?

The note on the seagulls says 'Seagull is for one person, you can use the seagull over 18 years old, do not get on public transport with the seagull, follow the traffic rules while using the seagull'. You have to push twice with your foot to move the gull and use the button on the right to accelerate. For the brake, you can use the button on the left.

In Which Cities Is The Seagull?

Seagulls, an electric vehicle model, continue to be developed day by day. A special technical team slowly with Turkey's attempt to reach the four corners of this system is currently in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Yalova, Bursa, Eskisehir and Gaziantep city is located. Having a simple usage mechanism, Martı can only be used by adults aged 18 and older.

Martı's Contribution To The Environment

It offers many advantages in terms of micromobility, transportation and environmental friendliness and is an important element of smart cities of the future.

While 46 percent of the journeys in the city are at distances less than 5 km; In cars with vehicles designed for an average of 5 people, the driver travels alone in 70% of the journeys.

The solutions offered by Martı facilitate access to public transportation and increase the use of public transportation. 42% of Seagull cruises are made to reach public transport stops or from public transport stops to the destination.

Thus, Martı reduces air pollution while increasing the use of public transportation. During our operation, we prevented more than 1.000.000 kg of carbon emissions and more than 480.000 liters of gasoline consumption.

The locks on Martı electric scooters prevent uncontrolled parking and prevent environmental pollution and deterioration of public order.

Martı Safest Transportation

Cities are developing environmentally friendly solutions to reduce carbon emissions and to be safer for pedestrians. Martı designed the electric scooter solution it offers to the cities in the light of this purpose, primarily safety.

Some arrangements made by Martı to provide its users with the safest and most useful solution are:

  • In accordance with the Highway Traffic Law and the Highway Traffic Regulation, the entry of electric scooters, which are qualified as bicycle status, to the motorways (TEM, E-5, D100) is illegal. As Martı, we attach great importance to the security of our users. Within this framework, we have added highways and intercity highways to prohibited areas within our application. Driving is not possible in these prohibited areas. In case of entering the prohibited area, the speed of the electric scooters is stopped by slowing down on the satellite.
  • The seagull regularly maintains and repairs all electric scooters.
  • Driving license is not mandatory to use electric scooters. The minimum age for use of the Road Traffic Act 11 in Turkey, other countries have been identified as 14 in the average minimum age legislation. Seagull, on the other hand, requires being at least 18 years old for safety. The average age of electric scooters is 32 in driving around the world.
  • Micromobility tools worldwide average 25 km / h While it can speed up, Martı electric scooters speed for safety. 18 km / h limited by. The speed limit set by Martı is even below the speed of the marathon runner.
  • It allows the use of vehicles on routes that municipalities consider suitable for use. In addition, the areas that are not suitable to be parked are determined as “parking prohibited” areas within the Seagull application.
  • All the drives are tracked 7/24 from the Martı center and live support is provided to the users.
  • It checks the safety and health of our users and seagulls 7 hours a day, 24 days a week with field personnel.

In addition, Martı electric scooters for driving safety:

  • It features an automatic brake assist that prevents exceeding the maximum speed limit while driving downhill.
  • It has a reinforced, long-lasting chassis.
  • It requires foot acceleration before you start driving against sudden acceleration.
  • The front and rear tires have yellow or white reflectors.
  • There is a non-slip floor on the chassis.
  • There is a long-distance headlight at the front and a stop lamp at the rear.
  • Contains ringtone and alert alarm.
  • It includes a GPS system for reaching our users in the fastest way when support is requested and to control the use of our fleet in the areas within the permits.

Compared with other vehicles in Turkey and the world in electric scooters, it is safer in terms of both users as well as pedestrians. Mortal accident statistics are as follows:

  • Motorcycle: 2,22 in 1 million rides,
  • Bicycle: 2,73 in 1 million rides
  • Scooter: 9 in 1 million rides
  • Car: 15,28 in 1 million drives.

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