Who is Gentile Bellini?

Who is Gentile Bellini?
Who is Gentile Bellini?

Gentile Bellini (1429 - 23 February 1507), Rönesans He is an Italian painter who lived in Venice during his time. It was sent to Istanbul by the Venetian Republic in 1478 to paint the portrait of Fatih Sultan Mehmet.

The life of Gentile Bellini
Gentile Bellini was born in 1429 in Venice to a painter family. His father, Jacopo Bellini, and especially his brother Giovanni Bellini and father-in-law Andrea Mantegna were also among the most famous painters of that period. At that time, talented painters were highly respected. Artists living in cities north of the Italian peninsula such as Florence and Venice Rönesans they constituted the core of the period. Gentile and Giovanni especially painted many religious themes at that time. The two brothers also painted the paintings inside the Scuola Grande di San Marco building in Venice. Lazzaro Bastiani, along with Vittore Carpaccio, Giovanni Mansueti and Benedetto Rusconi, were among the painters hired to paint a cycle of 10 paintings known as the Remnants of the Cross, known as the Miracles. Gentile Bellini also made many paintings in the Dukes Palace in Venice, but these paintings were destroyed in the fire in 1577.

Ottoman-Venetian relations in Gentile Bellini's time
In the Italian peninsula at that time, instead of a single state, there were many city-states. One of the most powerful of these was the Republic of Venice, located in the northeastern part of the peninsula. While Venice was first part of the Byzantine Empire, it became independent. kazanHe captured many Aegean and Mediterranean islands, especially Crete and Cyprus, with his powerful fleet. Venice played an important role in the fourth Crusade, which plundered Constantinople in 1204, and when Mehmet the Conqueror conquered Istanbul, a large Venetian community was living in the city. The fall of Istanbul to the Ottomans caused a great damage to Venice. That's why there were many conflicts between Venice and the Ottomans between 1453-1479. Finally, these conflicts came to an end when the Venetian Senate accepted the peace offer made by the Ottomans. In addition to requiring Venice to pay a large sum to the Ottomans, the peace agreement contained another extraordinary condition. He envisioned sending one of Venice's most talented painters to Istanbul to paint a portrait of Mehmet the Conqueror. It was under these conditions that Bellini came to Istanbul in 1479. During his 16 months, he made many paintings and drawings as well as the famous portrait of Fatih Sultan Mehmet. He is considered one of the founders of the Orientalist tradition, as he sees and paints the life of both Eastern and Western societies. Bellini also painted the portrait of the Queen of Cyprus, Caterina Cornaro.

Gentile Bellini's Istanbul Trip
He stayed in Istanbul between 1479-1481. During this period, he made various drawings, including portraits of Fatih.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet wanted to be sure of Bellini's talent before letting him paint his painting. For this reason, Bellini spent his first months in Istanbul painting pictures of various people in the palace. His painting called "Seated Katip" is one of them. It is located in the Isabella Gardner Museum in Boston.

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