Easy Export Platform Opened to Exporters Service

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, stating that they have commissioned a platform that will significantly increase the quality and scope of the consultancy they offer to exporters and entrepreneurs with export targets, "With the Easy Export Platform, each of our exporters will now have a digital consultant working with artificial intelligence technology." said.

Pekcan, exports developed in line with the vision of digital transformation, aiming to provide important contributions to Turkey's export potential, introduces artificial intelligence supported Easy Export Platform in the meeting held in the Presidential Dolmabahçe Labor Office.

Publicity Pekcan Speaking at the meeting, Easy Export Platform, which can directly affect Turkey's exports, it is quite crucial on a software project that they are working and they are very excited, he said.

"Easy Export Platform is our 41-time Mashallah project"

Minister Pekcan stated that they have prepared a highly developed infrastructure for business people in accordance with the spirit of the digital age and said:

“We are launching a platform that will significantly increase the quality and scope of the consultancy we offer to our exporters and entrepreneurs with export targets. With the Easy Export Platform, each of our exporters will now have a digital consultant working with artificial intelligence technology. As you know, as the Ministry of Commerce, we attach great importance and priority to projects based on digitalization and automation.

Before the Easy Export Platform, by far the digitalization and automation of the central area of ​​Turkey's trade is the easiest, we focused our work to take place between countries can be made fast and reliable, and we continued. We have worked so that we can talk a little bit about our digitalization efforts, and we saw that this is our 41st project. We have implemented 7 different projects related to foreign trade. We have commissioned 15 projects related to domestic trade, 12 projects related to customs, and 7 projects related to training and information. This is our 41 projects.

Stating that they attach great importance to the digitalization and transparency of customs, Pekcan emphasized that they are far ahead in Europe in digitalization of customs.

Pekcan, explaining that with the same level of 1-2 Nordic countries Turkey customs, "Dispatch did not share their documents in digital format, he did not give the money to Europe. We got ahead of him during the pandemic process. With the pandemic process, all our foreign trade companies were able to do their transactions from their homes and offices without ever going through customs. We received many thanks in this regard. We had completed these works on time. We commissioned our automation system, which we provided for state support, at the beginning of the year. As of January 1, 2020, our 6 digital projects had been activated. Our companies have applied and benefited from state support from their home, office and mobile phone. " he spoke.

Referring to the Foreign Representation Management Information System, Pekcan said that, wherever they are in the world, all consultants and central organizations are in cooperation online, and that the consultant in each country shares daily, instant changes with them.

Pekcan emphasized that they use many data of the Ministry as a data bank in the Easy Export Platform, and stated that the success of this project comes from the success of other projects.

Reminding that they recently shared the E-Commerce Information Platform and launched the Virtual Trade Academy, Pekcan said, “Our Virtual Trade Delegations and Virtual Fair Applications that we have commissioned in the Kovid process are going very well with TIM. We will launch it in the coming days, we have been trying it in Kapıkule for about 1 month. Our Virtual Order System with Appointment System project ... Now, when our exporter completes his documents, he makes an appointment through the system on which day and time he wants to go from which customs gate. The system announces that its turn is coming, that it is approaching. We see that the users are very satisfied. After starting it from Karkamış'a Hamzabeyli and we will extend our doors in all of Turkey. " he spoke.

"Our platform is a new page for both our exporter and our ministry"

Minister Pekcan stated that Easy Export Platform has gone beyond all the projects they have completed so far in terms of its scope, nature, target audience and domain, as well as the technology it contains.

Stating that it has become very critical to use the huge information pool formed in today's global digital economy, Pekcan stated that countries and companies that can use information correctly and effectively and take the right steps in the field of digital economy come to the fore.

Pekcan, Turkey's economic growth, the development of local and national production, stating that there are very serious destination for exports, the words continued as follows:

“We need to be able to adapt to the digital economy in the best way to achieve our goals. We, as the Ministry of Commerce, work with this vision. Beyond encouraging and supporting our companies in the field of digitalization, as the Ministry, we closely follow digital technologies in our own business processes and the services we offer, and adapt them to our business processes. We continue to act with the vision of being a pioneering and exemplary institution in the field of digitalization and automation. Our Easy Export Platform is the latest and most advanced example of the projects we have developed with this vision. With the Easy Export Platform, we are stepping into a brand new era in our foreign trade. The Easy Export Platform will be a new page for both our exporter and our Ministry. "

"Far ahead of all its foreign peers"

Minister Pekcan emphasized that the Easy Export Platform stands out from its similar examples in the world with its technology infrastructure, scope and data management design, and said, “We have examined many sites created by the public, especially in the USA, Canada, South Korea and the UK. Our Easy Export Platform is far ahead of all its foreign peers with its scope, sustainability, user-friendliness and especially the advanced data analysis methods it uses. We are proud and pleased to announce that our Easy Export Platform is the most advanced Export Support Platform that has been put into effect to date. "

Explaining that they target all entrepreneurs with export target, especially 90 thousand exporters and more than 3 million SMEs with the Easy Export Platform, Pekcan said, “Our aim is to spread exports to the base, to make our SMEs and entrepreneurs and cooperatives exporters, to support and direct their work in this direction. . At the same time, to make new alternative market expansions and to support the export of new products, complementary products and by-products. " he spoke.

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