Electric Scooters in Kahramanmaraş

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality has added one more community to its smart city application and put electric scooters into service.

Shared electric scooters, which are short-distance transportation vehicles, have been a frequently used means of transportation in metropolises during the pandemic period. As a result of the initiatives of the Metropolitan Municipality, the city kazanThanks to this project, citizens will now be able to benefit from electric scooter service.

It is known that young people especially show great interest in electric scooters, which are environmentally friendly and economical means of transportation. During the epidemic process, the demand for electric scooters is increasing by citizens of all ages in all cities. 'Electric Scooter', which will eliminate distances by using time more efficiently in the crowded city life, will be the new alternative for practical and fun transportation on the streets of Kahramanmaraş.

Electric scooters, which will be started to be used with the application to be installed on smart phones, offer the freedom to be used on the streets of the city at any time of the day in an easy-to-use, nature-friendly, fun and economical way. With the Electric Scooter project, which will minimize the traffic problem, it is aimed to reduce the use of vehicles and to minimize the parking problem. Scooters waiting for their users in various parts of the city were put into service with safe, easy and enjoyable transportation possibilities without getting stuck in traffic in the city.

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