Who is Cüneyt Arkın?

Who is Cuneyt Arkın
Who is Cuneyt Arkın

Cüneyt Arkın, real name Fahrettin Cüreklibatır (born 8 September 1937), Turkish film actor, screenwriter, producer, director, was born in the village of Karaçay in the Alpu district of Eskişehir. His father is Hacı Yakup Cüreklibatır who participated in the Turkish War of Independence. It is originally Nogai. He completed his high school education at Eskişehir Atatürk High School and graduated from Istanbul Faculty of Medicine in 1961.

Cinema career

While he was doing his military service as a reserve officer in his hometown Eskişehir, he caught the attention of director Halit Refiğ during the shooting of the movie Şafak Bekçiler (1963), starring Göksel Arsoy. After finishing his military service, he worked as a doctor in Adana and its vicinity. In 1963, he came first in the competition of Artist magazine. Cüneyt Arkın, who was looking for a job for a while, started acting in 1963 with the proposal of Halit Refiğ and translated at least 2 films in 30 years.

The fight scene in the final of the Gurbet Kuşları movie he played in 1964 was a breaking point in Arkın's career. After reviving emotional-romantic young characters for a while, he turned to action movies with the suggestion of Halit Refiğ. During this period, he received acrobatics training in Medrano Circus for six months. He transferred what he learned here to the big screen in the Malkoçoğlu and Battalgazi series, bringing a style that has never been an example to Turkish cinema. In a short time, avant-garde became the most sought after actor of the movies. Although he continued his cinema life with animated films, which he started with romantic movies, he gave life to many different types of characters. Throughout his career, he made different types of films, from wester to comedy, adventure films to social films. Especially Maden (1978) and Citizen Rıza (1979) films occupy a special place in the career of Cüneyt Arkın.

During the 12th of March period, although he was chosen as the best actor for his role in the 4 th Golden Boll Film Festival (1972) in the first voting of the jury, he was later replaced by Yılmaz Güney with political presses, with his performance in the film Wounded Wolf in the first vote. Cüneyt Arkın was named the best actor. Reacting to this decision, Arkın refused the award.

Cüneyt Arkın, who brought a different color to his cinema and directed by Çetin İnanç, 1982 The Man Who Saved the World has become a cult film. After the action movies such as Death Warrior, Fight, Man in Exile and Two-Headed Giant in the 1980s, he turned to detective series in the 1990s.

Cüneyt Arkın has the title of expert sportsman in horseback riding and karate. In addition to acting, he offered television impressions and for a short time he also wrote about health in the newspapers. He was treated in the hospital for about three months in 2009 due to nerve compression in his spine.

Private life

Cüneyt Arkın made his first marriage in 1964 with a doctor like Güler Mocan. In 1966, their daughter Filiz was born. Cüneyt Arkın, who married Betül (Işıl) Cüreklibatur a year after his divorce in 1968, also has two children, Kaan and Murat, from this marriage. Murat, one of the sons of Arkın, whose daughter is the general manager of a company, is also acting in the series. Having been treated for alcoholism for a period, Arkın has given numerous conferences on alcohol, drugs and youth issues, and received acknowledgments and honors.

Political life

Cüneyt Arkın, known for his Turkish nationalist identity, was offered by Mesut Yılmaz to be a candidate for Eskişehir deputy candidate from the Motherland Party in the 2002 General Elections. In the following years, a group of scientists, intellectuals and artists participated in the Work Ready Party campaign, which was organized on behalf of the Labor Party, and made its name again on the political scene.

Awards won 

Year Nominated work Prize Conclusion
1963 "1st Prize" 1963 Artist Magazine, Artist Competition Won
1969 Best Actor Award with (As People Live) 1969 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival Won
1972 "Best Actor Award" with (Wounded Wolf) 1972 Adana Golden Boll Film Festival Won
1976 "Best Actor Award" (Not Defeated) 1976 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival Won
1999 "Lifetime Honor Award" 1999 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival Won
2013 “Lifetime Profession and Honor Award” Life Without Barriers Foundation Won
2013 "Lifetime Honor Award" 18. Sadri Alışık Theater and Cinema Actor Awards Won
2013 “Culture and Art Grand Award” 2013 Culture and Art Grand Prize  Won

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