Traffic Signs Renewed in Alanya

Traffic Signs Renewed in Alanya
Traffic Signs Renewed in Alanya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Alanya Service Unit Traffic and signaling team continues to work at different points in Alanya.

The Alanya Service Unit traffic and signaling team, which has completed the traffic sign work to a large extent in Alanya, continues its operations in the district center and in the neighborhoods where traffic is intense. The teams performing traffic warning signs and signs at Hacet and Mola intersections in Alanya Center, carried out traffic sign renewal and deliner works at the 25-meter Road, Dolmus Station and Çimen Hotel Junction.

The teams, working day and night, completed the dyeing process in the signalings of Atatürk and Ahmet Asım Tokuş Boulevards. The teams will continue to paint the signaling poles on other streets and streets, especially the 25-meter road. In the minibus stop next to the Friday Market, a delta setter was installed at the front of the stops and roadsides to prevent the entrance and exit of the buses and to prevent faulty parks.



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