Duration of Short Work Allowance Extended by 2 Months

Duration of Short Work Allowance Extended by 2 Months
Duration of Short Work Allowance Extended by 2 Months

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, stated that workplaces affected by the COVID-19 pandemic process applied for short work until 30/6/2020 and that the short working period was extended for 2 months at the request of the President. Minister Selçuk stated that employers who do not want to benefit from the extension because they have started their normal activities or want to reduce previously applied non-working periods should report this situation to İŞKUR Provincial Directorates and Service Centers.

"Approximately 2 Million People Passed to Normal Working Hours in July"

Stating that 3 million 576 thousand 805 people have benefited from the short-time working allowance since the first start of the short-time working application due to the coronavirus, Selçuk said, “In July, 1 million 595 thousand 467 people continued to benefit from the allowance. For 1 million 981 thousand 338 employees, employers did not request short-term work with the normalization process. " said.

"We Provide Normalization Support for Workplaces Returning to Their Normal Working Hours"

Minister Selçuk, who also made statements regarding the Normalization Support, said, “We will continue our support under the name of 'Normalization Support' for our workplaces that switch to normal working hours. Our workplaces that switch to normal working hours will also be able to benefit from this support. Thus, we will continue to protect employment ”.

"Our Labor Inspectors Conduct Inspections Besides Conformity Determination"

Reminding the legal arrangement made for the payment of short work applications made on the grounds of coronavirus without waiting as a result of the eligibility determination, Selçuk said: 23.03.2020 Labor Inspectors continue uninterruptedly. " said.

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