Sand Coastal Road is More Comfortable

Kucukkumla coastal road
Kucukkumla coastal road

While the landscaping works on the beaches continue uninterrupted by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the coastal road closed to vehicle traffic in Gemlik Küçükkumla has been made more modern and comfortable for pedestrians.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its works without slowing down in order to highlight the identity of Bursa's coastal city and to ensure that it gets its deserved share from summer tourism, has completed its coastal road works in Gemlik Küçükkumla. In the study carried out by the teams of the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, the 950-meter coastal road closed to vehicle traffic in Kumla Mahallesi Abdullah Aslan Street was covered with 13 square meters of micron parquet and 500 meters of border for pedestrians to walk easily. Within the scope of the work, 1600 tons of steel mesh, 11 meters of gutter, 800 cubic meters of concrete, 640 thousand 13 square meters of excavation and dismantling and 500 cubic meters of filling were produced.

Küçükkumla coastal road, whose population increases exponentially with holidaymakers especially in the summer months, has gained an appearance that adds value to the region.



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