Legal Action Will Be Taken About Those Who Damage KOBIS Bikes

legal action will be initiated on the ones who damage the bicycles of Kocaoğlu.
legal action will be initiated on the ones who damage the bicycles of Kocaoğlu.

Kocaeli Smart Bike System, which has been put into service by the Department of Transportation as an alternative transportation service for urban public transportation since 2014, is monitored with cameras 24 hours a day. Images with the damage caused to the bicycles and the system by the citizens who are attached to the cameras that serve for inspection purposes have given up. While repairing the damaged bicycles and stations by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, legal action is started against the citizens who caused this event.


Kocaeli SME Bicycle System "SME" was established in 2014 to facilitate access to the city, to create intermediate opportunities that nurture public transportation systems, and to encourage the use of an environmental and sustainable means of transportation. Spreading to 5 districts in 12 years, KOBIS serves citizens with 71 Stations, 864 Smart Parking Units and 520 Smart Bicycles. SME has 135 thousand 223 members and became the most used means of transportation by citizens.


KOBIS stations that serve 7/24 and bicycles in these stations are harmed by some citizens. Every event at the stations under observation in the Bicycle and Station Maintenance and Repair Workshop established by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department is recorded instantly. In this context, citizens who damage bicycles and stations are identified and legal proceedings are initiated.


The stations next to Alikahya and 41 Burda Shopping Center were seriously damaged last weekend. 41 A person who came to the station next to Burda Shopping Center broke all the smart screens in the station. The person who damaged all the screens then tried to force the bike in the smart parking unit. The person who was not successful hit the bike on the ground and seriously damaged the bike and the unit.


In the incident in Alikahya, the young people who rented bicycles from the KOBIS station left their bike unattended in the middle of the street. The moving bicycle was able to stop by hitting the vehicle on the street. Serious damage also occurred in the vehicle and bicycle. The owner of the car also complained about the youth.


After these events, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has been taking legal action against the people who caused the damage. Legal proceedings are being initiated about such images reflected in 12 stations in 71 districts. Reminding that bicycles are public goods, the authorities asked that citizens should be careful while using bicycles and that bicycles should not be used and damaged like their own goods.

Günceleme: 14/07/2020 11:41

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