Cyclists Win at Izmir Metro and İzban

Cyclists Win at Izmir Metro and İzban
In İzmir, many actions of cyclists in succession in the last two months have resulted.
Bikes started to be bought on January and January in Izban and Metro cars. Metro and Izban revealed that ız our wagons are not suitable for this at eye we cannot endanger the safety of our passengers. Iz Because, without the banners and sticks sticking to the clocks and sticks that set the hours and rules, the ban was removed. The wagons did not happen, the same wagon, the passengers, the same passenger and no one. As a result, İzmir Metro and İzban (which have been meaningless since the beginning) have lifted this ban and delighted a handful of cyclists who are trying hard to make Izmir the bicycle city.
But the bikers' joy, leaving the joy, "Bike can not be moved by escalators and lifts." According to the cyclist, the authorities have to rethink this issue urgently. Because a bike with an average weight of 13-14 kg and a variety of metal protrusions is the 30-35 meter at some stations, it is very dangerous and impossible for both the carrier and the other passengers. This prohibition means that the passengers do not actually ”come with your bike Bu. This ban is perhaps understandable because the escalator is narrow, but it is not clear why the lift banned bikers.
Obviously, the riders' ability to ride into Izban and Metro with the peace of mind has been imposed on other lı prohibited ban ones for now.



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