Cyclists Won in Izmir Metro and Izban But

Cyclists Won in Izmir Metro and Izban But
Many actions taken by cyclists in Izmir in the last two months have yielded results.
Bicycles started to be purchased for Izban and Metro wagons on January 1. It has been revealed that the justifications put forward by Metro and Izban, such as "our wagons are not suitable for this", "we cannot endanger the safety of our passengers", have no basis. Because, the ban was lifted without doing anything other than posting posters and stickers that determine the hours and rules that the bicycle can ride. The wagons are the same wagon, the passengers are the same passengers and nothing has happened to anyone. As a result, Izmir Metro and Izban lifted this ban (which was meaningless from the beginning) and made a handful of cyclists who are trying hard to make Izmir a bicycle city.
However, leaving the joy of cyclists in half, "Bicycle cannot be carried by escalator and elevator." is forbidden. According to cyclists, officials need to rethink this issue immediately. Because considering that a bicycle with an average weight of 13-14 kg and various metal protrusions is thought to be 30-35 meters in depth at some stations, it is very dangerous and impossible for both the carrier and other passengers. This ban means to passengers "don't come by your bike". This ban may be understandable because the walking staircase is narrow, but it is not understandable why the elevator prohibits cyclists.
Apparently, the ability of cyclists to ride to Izban and the Metro is stuck with other “prohibitions” for now.

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