Dry Cat Food

dry cat food
dry cat food

Ancestors of cats are creatures living in the desert. Therefore, their ability to concentrate urine has been developed to eliminate excessive water loss and enable the body to conserve water. However, this ability often causes cats to have urinary tract diseases. As a solution, a nutrition program with sufficient water consumption, optimal protein and mineral content is recommended. With this method, the kidney health of cats can also be protected.

Wet or dry cat food It provides the same protection for kidney health in cats. Still, cat owners prefer to give their cats mixed food. In other words, from time to time, they give dry cat food from time to time. Although there is no problem here, a preference should be made while choosing dry cat food, considering the pH balance.

How should cat nutrition be?

You chose cat food You should definitely give fresh water to your cat as well, and this water should be drinking water. Otherwise, harmful struvite crystals or bladder stones may form in your pet. Cats need between 55 and 70 ml of water per body weight in each serving. On average, they drink water 10 to 12 times a day. Water drinking rates also depend on the dry ingredients found in cat food. In other words, this equates to 2-2.5 ml per gram of dry cat food they eat.

Cats do not like food that is too hot or too cold. So especially canned cat food should be given at room temperature.

What Should I Do to Make Cats Drink Enough?

To ensure that your cat drinks enough water, you should constantly offer fresh water and make it easy to access fresh water. To achieve this, you can put several bowls of water inside the house. You should keep these bowls easily accessible. Cats generally prefer to drink water from glass, metal or porcelain water containers. So you should pay attention to these preferences when buying a cat water bowl or bowl. It should be 1 meter between the sand container and the water container so that the cat's water does not get bacteria or viruses.

How much water should cats drink each day?

If you think your cat is drinking little water, you can increase the liquid intake of your pet by adding a little hot water to dry cat food if necessary. You can even make the food delicious and juicy with spice-free broth.

Some cats like to drink water from running water. In response to this request, water fountains were produced for cats. You can also contribute to your cat drinking enough water by purchasing them.

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