alanya folk meat store put into service
07 Antalya

Alanya Public Meat Store is in Service

The third of the Public Meat Stores, where Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Muhittin Böcek brings people together with cheap, high quality and healthy meat, came into service in Alanya. Citizens showed great interest to Alanya Halk Et from the first day. Local [more…]

tff president announced super league start date

TFF President Announces Start Date of Super League

The start date of the Super League, which was postponed as part of the coronavirus measures, has been announced. Turkey Football Federation President Nihat Özdemir, the league announced that it would begin on June 12. Özdemir said, “For the healthiest completion of our leagues so far, [more…]

Towards the end of the upper street in Kizilirmak Street
07 Antalya

At the end of the Kızılırmak Street Overpass

70 percent of the pedestrian overpass construction, which Antalya Metropolitan Municipality continues to build on Kızılırmak Street, has been completed. The overpass is planned to be opened in June. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, safe passage of pedestrians [more…]

Aselsan support for modular temporary mind regions
06 Ankara

ASELSAN Support for Modular Temporary Base Regions

In line with the contract signed between the Presidency Defense Industry Directorate and ASELSAN, integrated logistics support activities will be carried out in the base regions until the end of 2022 within the scope of the Modular Temporary Base Zone Project. Modular Temporary Base Zone [more…]

Ispark case was rejected at Istanbul Bus Terminal
34 Istanbul

ISPARK Case Rejected at Istanbul Bus Station!

The former operators of the Great Istanbul Otagarı, the parking lots at the bus station, İSPARK AŞ. The lawsuit filed against the decision of the IMM Assembly to be operated by the court was rejected unanimously by the court. 25 of the parking lots of the Grand Istanbul Otagarı [more…]

getting better in traffic every year
06 Ankara

Better Every Year in Traffic

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu wrote an article titled 'A Road Story' for Traffic Week. Minister Soylu, regarding traffic accidents, said, “Our numerical target for 2020 is 6 percent in fatal accidents and injury accidents. [more…]

hicaz railroad medine train station
966 Saudi Arabia

Hicaz Railway Medina Train Station

It is one of the last and main stations of the Hicaz Railway line. This station is 15 km from the previous station. The station made of black stone covers many buildings. 600 meters in length and 400 meters in width [more…]