Who is Ali Ihsan Appropriate

Who is Ali İhsan Uygun?

Ali İhsan Uygun was born in Ordu on April 12, 1966. In 1987, he graduated from Istanbul Technical University Electrical and Electronics Faculty Electrical Engineering Department. In 1988, Istanbul [more…]

office transportation services

Office Transport Services

When it comes to office transportation services, we can say that a group of transportation companies has turned this into a sector by providing this service. With the intensification of services from home to home before [more…]

Who is kamuran yazici

Who is Kamuran Yazıcı?

Kamuran Yazıcı, born in Trabzon in 1967, graduated from Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Department of Civil Engineering in 1988. In 1991 at the Institute of Science at the same university [more…]

Who is Jesus Apaydin

İsa Apaydın Who is he?

Metallurgical engineer, public manager, TCDD General Manager. He was born in Ankara in 1965. He graduated from Istanbul Technical University Metallurgical Engineering Department in 1987. Sakarya University Metallurgical Engineering in 1996 [more…]

who is your farewell knowledge

Who is Vedat Bilgin?

Vedat Bilgin (born September 22, 1954, AydıntepeTurkish sociologist, academician, bureaucrat and writer. From Ziya Gökalp to Mümtaz Turhan and Erol Güngör line, Turkish Nationalism, Democracy, Social [more…]