Kovidian vaccine came to the stage of animal experiments

Kovid-19 Vaccine Comes to the Animal Experiment Stage

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank announced that 19 universities have reached the stage of animal experiments in the recombinant vaccine to be developed against Kovid-3, and one has started experiments. Stating that the clinical phase has come after the experiments, Minister Varank said, “Until the end of the year [more…]

Does marmaray work on weekend restrictions?
34 Istanbul

Does Marmaray Work on Weekend Restriction?

Marmaray Halkalı-Gebz to trains, officials and citizens outside the scope of the curfew in order to provide transportation to the Republic of Turkey made half hour intervals in a statement from the General Directorate of State Railways; " Excluding the curfew restrictions of the Ministry of Interior [more…]

Does Ankara ankaray and metro run in Ankara on the weekend?
06 Ankara

Does Ankara Ankaray and Metro Work at the Weekend in Ankara?

Based on the decision of the Ankara Governorship Provincial General Hygiene Board, dated 19 and numbered 09/10, on the dates of 2020-07.05.2020 May 2020, when the curfew will be applied within the scope of the measures to be taken against the coronavirus (Covid-30) epidemic, the buses of the General Directorate of EGO [more…]

Neirt Square
Guest Post

Corporate Web Service - Neirt

Our company; Started to serve you as of 2012 and successfully completed different projects. We offer internet design products to our valued customers by developing all the technological services required by the digital world day by day. Firm specific software, [more…]

All About Adana Train Station
01 Adana

All About Adana Train Station

Adana Train Station is the main train station of TCDD located in Seyhan district of Adana. The station was put into service in 1912. Today it is home to TCDD 6th Regional Directorate and the Adana - Mersin railway and Adana - Kurtalan railway [more…]

bususculer wants corona shield
34 Istanbul

Intercity Bus Coaches Want Corona Shield

Due to the coronavirus measures, intercity bus companies that are carrying transportation with a 50 percent occupancy rate are waiting for support. Among the requests submitted to Minister Karaismailoğlu, there are a number of requests ranging from 1 percent VAT to MTV payment, from the ÖTV refund to the use of the FSM Bridge. [more…]

Trial drives started on the new tram lines of Eskisehir
26 Eskisehir

Trial Rides in Eskişehir's New Tram Lines Started

The Metropolitan Municipality, which made a big investment in urban transportation, brought the tram line to 75. Yıl Mahallesi via the City Hospital and Kumlubel District via Opera, and started trial runs by energizing the lines that were completed. 75 with the City Hospital. [more…]

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