anna mursel

Who is TLC Mürsel and Where?

Who is TLC Mürsel? : The stories of the people who entered the country with the K-1 visa published on the TLC channel and received for foreign couples to organize a marriage ceremony are discussed. [more…]

Who is Billy Hayes

Who is Billy Hayes?

Billy Hayes (April 3, 1947; New York, USA) is an American writer, actress, director and true hero of the movie Midnight Express. The days of prison after being caught smuggling marijuana in Turkey [more…]

Feast came on the roads in Bursa
16 Bursa

Feast Arrives on the Roads in Bursa

While the roads that have not been maintained for years due to the heavy traffic in Bursa have become comfortable thanks to the curfews, the teams that continue their work uninterruptedly on the days of Eve and Feast, Gökdere - [more…]

The advantages of rail transport

Advantages of Railway Transport

It is an environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly type of transportation. It is safer than other types of transportation. Road road lightens the traffic load. Unlike other modes of transport, long-term fixed [more…]

Who is Bedriye Tahir Gokmen

Who is Bedriye Tahir Gökmen?

Bedriye Tahir Gökmen is the first Turkish female pilot. It is known as Gökmen Bacı. He started his aviation training at Vecihi Flight School in 1932. On the one hand, while serving as a civil servant, [more…]

33 France


When the railway tunnel under the English Channel was opened in 1994, it was connected to the mainland of Europe for the first time since the Great Britain Ice Age. It cost $ 16 billion, [more…]