The Effect of Covid-19 on Eskişehir Industry

effect of covid on eskisehir industry
effect of covid on eskisehir industry

At the “Industry Council” meeting organized by Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone Directorate, the problems experienced by the industrialists during the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic process and the effects of the virus on the economy were discussed.

The Industry Council meeting organized by Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone Directorate was held under the chairmanship of President Sinan Musubeyli. In the meeting held through videoconference, the problems experienced by the industrialists during the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic process and the effect of the virus on the economy were discussed. The demands of the industrialists were listened to.

Recovery will take longer

Speaking at the opening of the meeting, President of the Industry Council, Sinan Musubeyli, said that they are in the first phase of the three-phase crisis and said, “We are in the first phase of the three-phase crisis. We learned how vulnerable economies are to public health risks. All governments have started to take strict measures to reduce the severity of economic effects. The epidemic dynamics also show that it will take up to a year for this spread to stop. If we look at the magnitude of the financial supports announced by the governments, they point out that the recovery in the global economy will take longer. This time the crisis is not a crisis that the country will overcome alone, we should be open to international cooperation. As the private sector, we should do our part. ”

As industrialists, we must be ready after the crisis

President Musubeyli stated that industrialists should be ready after the crisis and said, “In this process, we had difficulties especially in terms of logistics and supply. We must be able to bear the cost of inventory and be ready to supply. It is obvious that the demands will be met by the stocks and supplies created in this process, as there will be a lot of work for the companies that have survived after the crisis. ”

In the effort of our industrialists to survive

Speaking afterwards, Nadir Küpeli, Chairman of the Board of Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone stated that a very critical process was passed, “Most of our companies continued their production in March, but especially in April, some companies had to stop production. Most of our industrialists are trying to survive. We expressed and demanded that the incentive packages announced should cover more sectors in every platform ”.

We had serious problems in export

Drawing attention to the decline in exports, President Küpeli said, “We experienced serious difficulties in exports after our exports were heavily made to the European Union countries and the epidemic in the European Union countries reached serious levels. Covid-19 measures taken at the customs gates affected almost all of our exports by land transportation. As of April, there was a 45 percent decrease in exports. We faced a worse picture than the 2008 crisis, ”he said.

As OSB management, we stand by our industrialists

Later, President Küpeli informed the participants about the activities carried out as Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone and the measures taken within the scope of the fight against Covid-19. Küpeli said, “We are a few of the organizations that provide significant assistance and work in this process. We made important decisions to combat Covid-19 with our board members and applied them. We continued without interrupting the work in the region. We determined their needs in regular communication with our companies so that the wheels in the industry do not stop. We sent requests to the Ministry of Industry and Technology. During this period, we served as a bridge between our industrialists and the ministry. As Eskişehir OSB management, we have come to the last stage in a 50 million lira low interest loan study that will breathe our industrialists registered in the organized industrial zone that we have contributed to. As the Organized Industrial Zone management, we are always with our industrialists. ”

After the speeches, the participants attending the council meeting took the floor and conveyed their problems and demands during the pandemic process.

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