People Over the age of 65 will be able to go to their country with a permit

mourning status of people over age
mourning status of people over age

Minister Koca, in a statement after the meeting of the Scientific Committee, touched on the travel status of people over 65 years old.

"Our citizens who are over 65 years old will be able to go to their country for 1 month with a permit." Using the expression, Koca said:

”Our seniors over 65 showed great sacrifice in this period. In this period, they and our youth were the most sensitive. We will have a little good news over 65 years old. If our seniors over 65 are sure that they are going to a fixed point in their hometown and they do not have health problems, there will be a permit status from tomorrow, not to return, provided that it is a one-month one-way trip from the relevant district governorship.

If it is over 65 years old and can be fixed where it will go with a travel permit, then permits will be issued. If these people do not have a problem at their destination, they will be allowed if there is no return situation. Our district governorships control this and will allow it accordingly. ”

Hibya News Agency

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