age tea purchase prices

2020 Age Tea Purchase Price Announced

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced the new decisions taken in the fight against coronavirus after the Cabinet Meeting. President Erdoğan also spoke about the purchase of tea and made the following statement: “For 2020, [more…]

the restriction of the entrance to the big city and zongulda has been extended until May

Travel Ban Removed to 9 Cities

Travel Ban to 9 Cities Has Been Lifted: President Erdoğan, who made a statement on the issue that came to the agenda after the Cabinet Meeting, announced that the travel ban for 9 cities has been lifted. Here are the provinces where the travel ban was lifted… [more…]

we are working for a new certificate for sharp coronavirus-free airports
Guest Post

COVID-2020 Precautions for 19 Summer Vacation

With the coming of summer period after an outbreak of Turkey Covidien-19 it was made necessary work to recovery of the tourism sector. Within the scope of these works, the capacities of the hotels in the places to visit will be reduced by half. Sun loungers on the beach [more…]

After the coronavirus, hike to hairdresser and barber fees

Post Coronavirus Hairdresser and Barbers Wages

Barbers and hairdressers, whose activities were suspended on March 21 as part of the coronavirus measures, started to serve as of this morning. The customers who came with the opening of the barbers had their shaves within the scope of hygiene rules. 40 PERCENT CHARGE But service [more…]

How coronavirus affects pregnant women

How Coronavirus Affects Pregnant Women

Experts who state that their anxiety may increase with the effect of hormonal changes experienced by pregnant women in the pandemic process underline that the immune system should be kept strong during this process. Experts tended to mothers to exercise cautiously and routinely [more…]

Who is sakir zumre

Who is Şakir Zümre?

Şakir Zümre, one of Marshal Fevzi Çakmak's close relatives, was born in Varna in 1885. After completing his primary education here, he went to Geneva. Here he studied law. During World War I [more…]

Tram Stops in Eskisehir
26 Eskisehir

Tram Stops in Eskişehir

Continuing its efforts to provide safe, comfortable and hygienic transportation to Eskişehir residents, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality has also carried out its routine cleaning works routinely in the curfew this weekend. Corona Outbreak [more…]

bursa streets frozen to the center
16 Bursa

Bursa Streets Returned To Site

In the curfews applied on weekends within the scope of combating corona virus, the Metropolitan Municipality, which continues the asphalt renewal works in the main arteries of Bursa, on the other hand, on the other hand, provides the services expected in the neighborhoods for years. [more…]

Who is Tomris Fits

Who is Tomris Uyar?

Tomris Uyar, who died 17 years ago at the age of 62 and passed away, was remembered again with a Google doodle. Here is Tomris Uyar's life and works Tomris Uyar (March 15th) [more…]

most economical and most competitive option lpg in cars
34 Istanbul

The Most Economical and Greenest Option in Cars LPG

After the coronavirus pandemic, the normalization process planned to start in the world and in our country brings new habits to the societies. While social distance and hygiene rules continue to be important in the normalization process, public transportation vehicles with the end of the quarantine [more…]

Investments in the expertise sector do not slow down
20 Denizli

Investments do not slow down in the expertise sector

Following the clarification of the standards for opening an appraisal center with the arrangements made in the used car sector, appraisal companies, which have accelerated their investments, have also started to take giant steps towards institutionalization and branching. Used vehicle trade [more…]

how are we in covid ace
34 Istanbul

What Are We In The Covid-19 Vaccine?

Within the scope of the domestic vaccine development project against Covid-19, Boğaziçi University Molecular Biology and Genetics Department Professor at the consortium established by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Ministry of Health, TÜBİTAK and TÜSEB. [more…]