Connection of Eskişehir to Ports urgently

Eskisehir osb gemlik port railway connection line should be done urgently
Eskisehir osb gemlik port railway connection line should be done urgently

Eskişehir OSB President Nadir Küpeli stated that they expect to take steps on the construction of the 7 km railway line between Hasanbey Logistics Center and OSB by TCDD. Küpeli announced that they will save 40 million Euros per year in logistics costs in exports with the construction of Gemlik Port railway line, which is very important for Eskişehir industry.

Nadir Küpeli, the head of Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone, made a series of statements regarding the connection of the OSB rail link and the railway line to Gemlik Port. Stating that the concrete steps should be taken at the point of connection of the OSB to the Gemlik Port by rail, Küpeli said, “We have been expressing the railway connection to the Gemlik Port by TCDD for 25 years, in addition to the railway connection between Hasanbey Logistics Center and the OSB for 15 years. "If we had these rail connections, we would have saved 40 million euros in the transportation of our export products annually." President Küpeli pointed out that the world has undergone a serious economic change and transformation due to the Covid-19 epidemic, and pointed out that especially in April exports, there was a decline in exports.

Eskişehir OSB is growing rapidly

Stating that Eskişehir OSB is growing rapidly and its export targets for 2023 are 5 billion dollars, Küpeli continued his words as follows:

“We are completing the first phase of the epidemic that lasts 3 months. During this period, as a country, we had a difficult period in cooperation with the state and the nation. Economically, both our industry and some occupational groups were affected by these developments. Economic losses in this period need to be compensated quickly. As Eskişehir industry, we continued our production in this period without interruption. We have preserved our employment and, despite the difficulties in many countries where we export, we have worked hard to export using all means and methods. For us, export is the most important income gate. Eskişehir has an export-oriented industrial structure. It is very important for our industry to be able to export more and more with reasonable logistics costs every year. Eskişehir OSB is growing very fast. We have made great progress in the last 10 years. In the last decade, 10 million square meters of land has been allocated to 185 investors in Eskişehir OSB for new investments. While the number of production facilities in OIZ was 3,2 in 2010, this number reached 347 today. 542 new industrial facilities started production at the OSB. The number of our employees increased by 195 thousand people in the same period and increased from 21 thousand to 23 thousand people. Also in this period, the export of our industrial establishments in OSB, which was 44 billion dollars, reached 1,1 billion 1 million dollars. According to our projections, the number of our employees working in 750 to 2025 thousand people in the first place, and the production in the 60s, after the negative effects of this period in a short time passes and the industrial groups making large-scale production in the world direct their investment and production center preferences to our country. we estimate that the number of our facilities will reach 2030 and the number of people working in the industry will reach at least 750 thousand. Accordingly, our industrial products exports from Eskişehir OSB are targeted to reach $ 75 billion by the end of 2023. ”

We need a rail connection

Addressing the railway connection of President Küpeli OSB and Gemlik Port, “Both our management and previous administrations brought the issue of making railway connections to Eskişehir OSB. We have been expressing the railway connection to the Gemlik Port by TCDD, which constitutes our main demand, for 25 years, in addition, the railway connection between Hasanbey Logistics Center and the OIZ for 15 years. We explained this issue to the authorities at all levels of the state, our Prime Ministers and our Ministers of Transport gave us the right to do so. We expect a positive response to these requests immediately. If these rail connections were made, it would save 40 million Euros per year in the transportation of our export products and would provide us with a great competitive advantage in our exports. If we had a railway connection, there would be more new investment in Eskişehir OSB, the export of OSB, which is 1,7 billion dollars today, would probably be at least 2,5 billion dollars. Eskişehir OSB is growing very fast, the targeted production, employment and export figures are evident in the next 10 years. It is no longer possible to carry such an export load by road. We urgently need a rail connection. We expect our Ministry of Transport and TCDD to realize the connection between Eskişehir OSB and Hasanbey Logistics Center and most importantly, the Gemlik Port railway connection as soon as possible. ”

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