What is 1 Million Software Developer Project, How To Register?

What is a million employment projects, how to register
What is a million employment projects, how to register

Applications continue for 1 million software developers. Those who want to improve themselves in the field of software in the public and private sectors can apply for '1 million software developers' online. Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak shared new good news in the 1 million software developer project, where the trainings were given over BTK Academy. So how do you apply for 1 million jobs? What is 1 million software developer projects?

Citizens who want to improve themselves in the field of software, which has become one of the popular and future cornerstones of today, can receive their education by registering under the '1 million employment' project. The courses in the system can be followed on the BTK Academy page. Thanks to the integration between BTK Academy and 1 Million Employment applications, the trainings and competencies gained by users through BTKAademe will be reflected in their CVs in the employment application. When the qualities are filtered according to the needs in the CV pool, these trainings received and completed will be an important reference for the employers. So how do you make 1 million software applications?


1 million employment applications, https://1milyonistihdam.hmb.gov.tr/login can be done through the page. If you are not a member of the application, click the Register button on the screen when logging in to the web address. On the user registration screen, two (2) options are displayed: Old Identity Information and Registration (with the information of TC Old identity card) and New Identity Information and Registration (with the information of TC Old identity card).



User Registration Screen with Old Identity Information

TC ID No, Volume No, Family Sequence No and Sequence No entry fields are displayed on the screen. All the information as it is on the identity must be filled. When the question mark on the screen is hovered, the fields with information on the identity can be displayed on the screen.

After entering the information, click the Next button. To change the selection, you can return to the previous screen by pressing the Back button. When the Next button is pressed, the User Registration information screen is displayed. On the screen, e-mail, e-mail repeat, Mobile Phone, Where You Live, Work Type entry fields and “All information about your application will be sent to your e-mail address. Please make sure your email address is correct. ” warning is observed.

If you live abroad, you can choose Overseas in the area where you live. One of the "Not Working, Public and Private Sector" fields is selected in the field of working field.

After all the information on the screen is filled in, click the Register button. “Your registration has been successfully taken on the screen. You will inform you as soon as possible with the e-mail you registered in the system. ” Its warning is observed.


After entering the screen for password change operations, by pressing the Password Reminder button,https://kimlik.hmb.gov.tr/sifre/gonderGo to “.

The "TC ID Number" and "E-mail" fields are displayed on the Send Password screen. These fields are filled in and the Remind Password button is clicked. Action Sent warning message appears on the screen.


Citizens who want to pursue a career in the field of Information Technology, which is among the professions of the future, will have the chance to become a software developer by getting the developed programs and trainings. In the application, lessons will be given from the algorithm, big data, computer programming, blockchain, business intelligence, office programs, game programming, cyber security database and web programming in the online education platform.

Each degree of education and success will be automatically processed in their CVs. All these resumes will stay in a pool accessible to all companies. Companies and companies currently in need of software developers will be able to find candidates that meet the criteria they are looking for.

The trainees will be able to find jobs as Business Analyst - Network Specialist - Project manager - Reporting Specialist - Penetration Test Specialist - Cyber ​​Security Specialist - System specialist - System analyst - Data analyst - Database manager - Web Design Specialist - Software Development Specialist and in many other areas.


Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, with the aim of creating a pioneering, well-known, reliable and respected training center that will contribute to our Institution, the industry and our country with the scientific, technological and constantly renewing education approach of the Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK). It was founded in 2017 under the leadership of Ömer Fatih Sayan.


BTK Academy aims to transfer its experience gained in the field of electronic communication industry since 1983 and its regulatory and supervisory role since 2000 to all its stakeholders, and to contribute to the increase of the competent human resources required by the sector through its certification trainings.

The programs realized within the body of BTK Academy are prepared with the cooperation and contributions of our national institutions and institutions, universities and other national and international stakeholders, as well as our expert internal trainers.

BTK Academy, in accordance with the educational methods and methods changing with the technological developments of the century we are in;

Removing the barriers to accessing information in the field of ICT, offering information to the public, raising awareness of all segments of the society, especially young people and children, through the awareness-raising and effective use of the ICT area. It is a training center that aims to contribute to the production of quality workforce, to cooperate with national and international institutions, organizations and universities, to have a say in the management and transfer of knowledge, and to transfer the current knowledge of the technology world to the public with a constantly renewing education approach.

BTK Academy, which set out with the slogan of "Address of Information", aims to reach all our citizens with its digital education portal, especially in the field of information technologies. It will meet the professional and technical needs of all segments who want to receive training on the ICT sector, regardless of location and time, through classroom training as well as online training. (Source: Sözcü)

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